Vehicle Breaks Down While Driving

Millions of individuals travel along heavily congested roadways every day. Whether they are running errands, commuting to work or providing transportation for others, many people require the use of a personal motor vehicle. Learning to skillfully maneuver an automobile and thoroughly understand the rules of the road are imperative when it comes to safe driving. Individuals should also have comprehensive knowledge of how to handle roadside emergencies such as automotive collisions or malfunctions should one arise.

Have a Jump Starter With You

Vehicles parked on the side of the road with their front hoods propped open often indicate that a mechanical error has occurred. Extreme outdoor temperatures can lead to overheated engines, while depleted fuel tanks can starve vehicles from adequate energy sources. Electrical errors in the car’s ignition, faulty engine bolts or improperly functioning catalytic converters can also cause an automobile to break down.

Stopped or stalled automobiles may also be the result of a dead engine battery. Leaving lights on, keeping a car turned off for extended periods of time or simple wear and tear may contribute to battery drainage. Rather than relying on towing companies or jumper cables, utilizing a jump starter can be an effective way to restart your car. These portable, battery-powered devices can easily transfer large volts of electricity to dead batteries, thereby allowing them to restart. Equipment such as a Duracell jump starter can easily get a broken car up and running again.

Always Have a Jack on Hand

Debris such as loose nails, blades and metal scraps can easily find their way into the middle of the roadway. Whether these items are simply invisible to the naked eye or are situated in unavoidable locations, even the most alert driver may not be able to avoid running over them and puncturing a tire. Although some wheels can temporarily sustain plugged holes, it is imperative that individuals immediately and appropriately address the problem at hand.

Given the fact that a flat tire or blowout can occur at any moment, many drivers store spare tires in the back or trunk of their vehicle. Having a prolift jack at one’s disposal can make changing a damaged tire less difficult. Designed to lift heavy objects, these instruments allow individuals to elevate their cars to obtain better access and visibility to the area in which they are working.

Follow Proper Safety Precautions

If possible, individuals should quickly move their broken car off to the shoulder or into an emergency lane. Not only does this prevent other passersby from colliding with the disabled automobile, but it allows drivers to evaluate the severity of their situation. Turning on one’s hazard lights can be a great way to alert other individuals of your car trouble. Emergency services may need to be contacted in the event of an injury, while roadside assistance may provide towing or other forms of transportation. Having AutoZone coupons can help reduce any costs associated with services rendered.

Knowing what to do if your vehicle breaks down is an essential part of being a responsible driver. Contact a local automotive and accessories store to identify the type of equipment that you should keep handy.

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