There are times when you insert a tiktok filter into your videos when you like it the most but then scrolling it, again and again, makes you bored of that filter and you want to remove it from your videos. Also, sometimes, you insert a filter in a hurry that you want to remove later or you insert it by mistake. Cause to insert the tiktok filter many but the solution is one for all and that is removing it permanently from your videos. But the question is How to Remove Tiktok Filter from the current or old videos. If you want to know the answer and you are on the right track, we will give you a step-by-step tutorial by which you will be able to remove the clumsy or outdated filters from your videos. 

Know How to Remove Tiktok Filter –

Step 1: Start with Opening the Tiktok Application

To know How to Remove Tiktok Filter, you first need to open the tiktok application on your phone to explore the features that can lead you to remove the filter from your video. It is just a matter of a few taps. Opening a tiktok application is very easy. Unlock your phone if your phone is locked and start searching the tiktok application in your application list or on your home screen. Once you get inside the application, find the profile icon and tap on it to explore its options. The profile icon is generally at the bottom right corner of your application. Once you tap on the profile it will make your uploaded videos visible in it. 

Step 2: Select the Video from the Tiktok Application

Once you entered the application and find the profile icon, the next step is to find that particular video from which you want to remove the tiktok filter. I know it will be challenging for you to find one from many if you are an influencer or a tiktoker who loves to upload daily videos. But it will take a few minutes and you will get permanent relief from that filter. Once you get the video, tap on its thumbnail, and watch it last time with the tiktok filter because, in the upcoming steps, we will make sure to help you in removing it. 

Step 3: Explore the Effects Option To Remove the Filter

Want to know the next step of How to Remove the Tiktok Filter and get back the video according to your envision, then let’s get started with exploring the “effects” feature o the tiktok application. Once you find out the video from which you want to remove the filter, go to the playback area where you will find the lineup of icons. These icons hold a promise of transformative edits. Among these various icons, you need to find out a cheerful-looking icon of a smiley face, which is your effects, Ocon. Tap on this smiley icon to visit the world of creativity. It will help you in refining your videos. 

Step 4: Go To the Applied Filter

The next step will take you closer to your learning journey of How to Remove Tiktok Filter from your videos. In this step, you will fine-tune your creation easily. After reaching the effects menu, you will find that it will present you with numerous amount of creative choices. All you need to do is to use your imagination and creativity to make the video’s visual more appealing and attractive. You will also find the applied filter that you want o remove from your video. Once you recognized the filter tap on it to explore its settings. In the settings, you are free to either keep the filter with some changes or remove it from the video permanently. 

Step 5: Choose the Reset or None Icon in the Filter Setting

This is one of the most crucial steps of your journey where you will remove the unwanted filter from your video. When you get on the filter setting option of the video, you get all the power in your hands. You can make the adjustments including enhancing or toning down the video or changing the filter you adorn the most. Also, you get a reset or none icon in the filter settings, tap on the icon and find out if you get your unfiltered video or not. Choosing the none icon will bring back the authenticity of your video and you will get the OG video back without any filter. 

Step 6: Confirm the Step

Your confirmation is waiting for you to make the final changes to your videos. Once you are sure to remove the filter from your video and keep it without any filter, now it is time to take your final confirmation. The confirming step ensures that you no longer want to use the filter in your video and you completely agree to it. Just review the steps and options once again, and when you find everything sorted then tap on the confirmation. It will give an unfiltered video. Top of Form

Step 7: Save the Video

This is the final step of this tutorial. You select the video and apply the remove confirmation, without saving it, the will not be visible to your application. Tap on the save or checkmark icon to make sure that the new changes that you made to the video are saved and ready to share with your followers and community. Now you are all set to share the unfiltered video on the tiktok. Get it posted and get it showered in the flood of likes and comments. 


We hope that all the steps on How to Remove Tiktok Filter are clear to you and you are trying to apply it now. These seven steps are easy and you will easily change the filter mode from your video. Once you follow all the steps and get the authentic video on tiktok, then it’s time to share it in a new format. Also, if you wish to try a new filter to this video, you are completely free to try a new level of creativity on it. Just save whatever changes you made to your video and share it with your followers.

By Kriti