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Do you ever feel like there is something secretive and hidden in your iPhone? Well, you are right. Your iPhone has a feature where files and applications are hidden. It will go out of your eye’s reach. But don’t worry at all. It is not like some conspiracy or a glitch in the system. It is a simple setting that you can overlook. In this article, we will uncover the easy steps to unveil the features of how to see hidden files on iPhone.So, don’t wait anymore to dive into the supercool hidden feature of your iPhone. 

Why You Want to Access Hidden Files

There can be various reasons for you to access hidden data on your iPhone for troubleshooting, personalization, and recovery purposes. Access to secret files helps you to troubleshoot potential problems and gain information about how your iPhone functions. Also, it eases you to manage your device more efficiently by giving you access to inaccessible files. 

Additionally, you need to access hidden files on your device, for example, if you think your iPhone might be impure with malware or you want to restore accidentally erased data. Although, you should be aware that messing up with the data and functions of your iPhone is harmful to your system setting. So, use it wisely. 

How to See Hidden Files on iPhone: Step by step

There is no rocket science when you want to learn How to See Hidden Files on iPhone. You only need to follow some basic instructions and can access the hidden files easily. Below are the five step-by-step guides that can take you to the hidden section of your iPhone –

Step 1: Open the Files Application 

There is a built-in application on your iPhone where you can access all your files including the hidden files. You can open the files application by going to its icon. The file icon looks like a blue color folder with a white background. 

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Step 2: Choose the Browse Tab 

After you reach the file application, select the browse tab. With opening the files you will be able to see four tabs at the bottom of the screen which include Browse, Recents, iCloud Drive, and Favourites. Select the Browse tab that comes first on the left of your screen. 

how to see hidden files on iphone
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Step 3: Tap on the Three Dots 

After reaching the Browse tab, tap on the three dots that are placed in the top right corner of the phone’s screen. The dots are in the vertical form. You can simply tap on those dots to access the app’s settings. 

browse tab
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Step 4: Enable the Show Hidden Files 

In this step, you can enable the “Show Hidden Files” option. To find this option you need to scroll down until you find it. Tap the toggle switch to make the hidden files feature enable. Tapping the enable tab, you will get all your hidden files on your device. 

how to see hidden files on iphone
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Step 5: Access Hidden Files 

Finally, you have completed all the steps of How to See Hidden Files on iPhone. And the result is here, you can navigate to the folder where all your hidden files are placed. Typically, the hidden files are situated in the folder, starting with the period such as “my hidden folder”. Just go inside the folder and explore all your hidden files. 

Want to Know Some Tips for Better Management of Hidden Files 

We are sure you want some tips to regulate your hidden files more effectively. Accessing the hidden files is not enough. If you need to avoid any accidental changes or deletions of files then follow these tips –

  1. Always Keep a Backup of Your Data –Keeping a backup of files is always better than losing them accidentally. Before making any changes to your hidden files, it is best to keep a backup of all your data. In case you lost the data, you always have a backup. 
  2. Don’t Delete System Files – If you don’t know what you’re doing while removing system files, your iPhone won’t operate as it should. It is perfectly fine if you don’t delete system files that can make your hidden file safe. 
  3. Check Your Hidden Files More Frequently –To better management of your hidden files, it is important to check the files regularly. It will ensure your devices are not attacked by malicious software or unwanted files. 
  4. Use a Reliable File Manager –A reliable file manager is essential to maintain security and manage hidden files. Instead of depending on the default files app, choose a better file manager alternative. 


Now, when you know how to see hidden files on iPhone. Just take a look at your iPhone’s hidden area and explore this amazing place of your iPhone. Think, how can you make the most of this feature? Now, you have the space where you can hide your files far away from anyone’s reach. By using this feature, you will not only hide your files and maintain your privacy from others but also turn into an owner of your private data. 

By Kriti