Carol Burnett Net Worth

The entertainment industry is filled with great artists, actors, comedians, and many others. All of them put their best efforts to make their audience and fans happy with their art. But only a few of them truly make a long-lasting impact on their audience’s hearts. Carol Burnett is one of the artists who makes a larger contribution to her fans with various shows. Carol not only established herself as an iconic comedian but also has left is legacy for many others who wants to be like her. In this article, we will go through you her career, struggles, her famous works, and many more. Also, let you know Carol Burnett Net Worth and her sources of income. 

Full Name  Carol Burnett
Age  90 Years 
Birthplace  San, Antonio, Texas, United States 
Date of Birth  26 April 1933
Net Worth  $60 Million
Profession  American Actress, Singer, Comedian, & Writer
Life Partner  Don Saroyan (1955-1962)

Joe Hamilton (1863-1984)

Brian Miller (2001-Present)

Children  Carrie Hamilton 

Erin Hamilton 

Jody Hamilton 

Education  University of California, Los Angeles 
Years Action  1955-Present 
Works  The Carol Burnett Show 

Eunice Harper Higgins on Mama’s Family 

Miss Agatha Hannigan in Annie 

Know All About Carol Burnett Net Worth

Carol Burnett is a well-known comedian but there are many other roles she played in her professional life. She is an actress, a host, a singer, and a writer as well. She did not keep herself within the boundary of comedy, but she tried various other things out of her comfort zone, and with her dedication and hard work, things went well and she get success in every field. Carol Burnett Net Worth is a reflection of financial success in professional life. Her estimated net worth is around $60 million which again proves her successful career but also the magic of her charismatic personality that she spread over her fans. 

Early Life & Education of Carol Burnett

San Antonio in Texas is the place where Carol Burnett was raised by her single mother and her grandmother. In her childhood days, her family was not so financially well, there are many financial struggles she and her family faced in her initial years. She hunt her inside talent at an early age and started spreading her comic humor at a very early age. She studied Journalism at the University of California, Los Angles but because of her interest in the performing arts, she change her direction. 

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A Glace at Her Illustrious Career

“Once Upon a Mattress” is the Broadway production in which she gets her first break in 1959. The success of her role in “Once Upon a Mattress” led her to start her show “The Carol Burnett Show”. She did a variety of TV Shows including “Friendly Fire” which made her win many awards and appreciation. “Mama’s Family” is another success of Carol which sets her status as a sitcom queen. She also tried her luck in the big pictures like “Annie” and “Noises Off” which showcase her brilliant comic skills. 

Carol Burnett Net Worth Over the Years

Net Worth in 2020 $45 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $45 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $50 Million
Net Worth in 2023 $60 Million

Multiple Income Sources of Carol’s Diverse Career

There are not only one- or two-income sources that contribute to Carol Burnett Net Worth of $60 million but she has a variety of other secondary sources as well. Apart from being a legendary comedian, she has also been successful in doing various TV shows. Her roles in the movies like “Life of the Party”, “Friendly Fire”, and many others, not only made her successful in winning the hearts of her fans but also contributed a significant role to her financial success. 

Carol Burnett Net Worth

She also appeared in various public appearances, endorsements, and guest hosting that increases the income of Carol. Apart from her fertilize roles, theatre appearances, and Broadways, she is also a recognized writer and gets much appreciation for her writing pieces such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  All these supported her and her net worth to grow next level. 

Carol Burnett’s Real Estate & Property Portfolio

 Carol has made numerous strategic investments in many locations of the world. Her notable property collection includes residential luxuries, farmhouses, and oceanfront properties. Her Hill Mansion is a stunning estate. She enjoys her Oceaneering view in her Hawaii Oasis. She also owns a charming ranch-style property in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that is one of the unique real estate properties of Carol. All these represent her taste for the luxurious lifestyle but also Carol Burnett Net Worth which is in the millions. 

Carol’s Love for Cars

Carol Burnett is very enthusiastic about cars and spotted in various luxurious cars. Her collection is seen in the events she attended. She is so much passionate about his automobiles for many years. She not only has luxurious car collections but also a range of various classic cars as well. 

Carol’s Tours, Investments, and Endorsements

Carol earned so much fame and popularity with her work that made it possible for her to be associated with numerous endorsements events and commercial products. She becomes the face of many popular brands. She travels due to her live shows and interaction with her fans. Also, she invested money in various real estate ventures and other businesses that increases her income and overall net worth. 

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Humanitarian Side of the Iconic Comedian

There are many charitable organizations and causes that Carol supported. She is been a true advocate for education and contributed her best efforts to scholarships and various educational initiatives. As a journalism student in her college days, she promoted ethical journalism and media literacy which shows her as a conscious citizen. 

Meet With the Carol’s Controversies

Her career is not completed with her controversies. While she is popular and widely respected, some controversies make her come into the spotlight many times. She was in a legal battle with the “Family Guy” over the use of her signature cleaning lady character without her approval. Her critics also accused her of extending racial stereotypes in certain comic sketches from “The Carol Burnett Show”. 


  1. What are some famous works of Carol Burnett? 

Ans. Some of the famous shows by Carol Burnett include “The Carol Burnett Show”, “Life of the Party”, “Friendly Fire”, and many others. 

  1. What are the primary and secondary income sources of Carol Burnett? 

Ans.  Carol Burnett is the famous American Actress and Comedian. Apart from this, she is also a writer and collected a lot of praise for her writing. She also does singing as well. Also, endorsements, live events, and her real assets become her secondary income sources. 

  1. What is the overall net worth of the famous American Comedian Carol Burnett?

Ans. The overall net worth of Carol Burnett is around $60 million. 


The financial success of the person is the representation of years of hard work, dedication towards their work, and improvements they do to make their role extraordinary. Carol Burnett Net Worth is also the same, it is representative of her dedication, hard work, and years of struggle that ultimately give her all the success that she deserves. She made her name on all her own and left her legacy for many others. She made generations inspired by her work and continues to carry her charm for upcoming years as well. 

By Kriti