Clear Aligners

How many times have you wanted to fix your smile but changed your mind when you realised you might have to wear traditional braces? Generally associated with discomfort, pain and unpleasantness, many today are looking for new and more easy ways of correcting their smiles. makeO toothsi clear aligners are a  solution to this relatable problem.

makeO toothsi aligners are clear plastic trays that are 3D printed from the scans of your teeth to help fix misalignments such as crooked teeth, gaps and more. makeO toothsi aligners work by applying gentle pressure on your teeth gradually. Over time, this gentle force generates visible results and in the end, your perfect smile!

If you are confused between metal braces and dental aligners, then here are 5 advantages makeO toothsi clear aligners provide over traditional braces:

1. Removable and convenient

Unlike traditional metal braces that are fixed to your teeth with wires and brackets, makeO toothsi clear aligners are easily removable. This makes them more convenient to use and take off as and when you are eating or cleaning your teeth. makeO toothsi aligners need to be worn only for 22 hours a day for maximum results!

2. Almost Invisible to the naked eye!

Since makeO toothsi clear aligners are made from high-quality plastic, they are nearly invisible and can help you have an inconspicuous smile makeOver journey. Traditional braces bring up a lot of attention to our teeth and can be a subject of many questions too. If you are someone looking for a more simple and unseen way of smile correction then makeO toothsi clear aligners are the one for you.

3. No food restrictions!

Are you someone who wants to make improvements on their smile but are not willing to give up certain food items for your metal braces? Choose makeO toothsi clear aligners instead. Since these clear aligners are removable, they can be taken off during eating or drinking. Hence, there is no need to avoid any food with these invisible aligners.

4. Very easy to maintain

We all know the rigorous upkeep that metal braces require. They require frequent dental clinic visits, and make brushing and flossing difficult. makeO toothsi clear aligners, on the other hand, can be removed easily at home and cleaned with the foamy aligner cleaning foam within minutes. They also make brushing and flossing easy as they are removable!

5. Comfortable to wear

Traditional braces can be very intimidating due to the number of wires and brackets placed on your teeth. It is commonly known that they cause some amount of pain and discomfort too. makeO toothsi invisible aligners are orthodontist back, convenient option as they add gentle pressure on the teeth and are hence very comfortable to use!

These are the top 5 advantages of clear aligners over traditional metal braces. While traditional braces have their advantages and are capable of fixing both minor and major misalignments, makeO toothsi clear aligners are invisible, almost painless, removable and easy to maintain, thus making them a favourable alternative for smile correction.

makeO toothsi invisible aligners are a more convenient and modern way of fixing misalignments such as teeth gaps, forwardly placed, crossbite, open bite, deep bite and crooked teeth. These aligners are made once your 3D teeth scan is complete and an expert has created a smile makeOver plan for you. Rest assured about quality and results as makeO toothsi is backed by 100+ dentists and orthodontists and meets international standards.

Are you looking for clear aligners as an option to improve your smile? To understand more about your smile and how to correct it with aligners, visit an orthodontist today.

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