No one loves moving around the city in a dented and scratched vehicle. Regardless of how careful you are, dents and scratches on your car tend to appear from nowhere. 

Unless you have proper car insurance in Halifax, you must shell out the repair costs from your pockets! So, if you are wondering, ‘does car insurance cover dents?’, the answer is yes. 

However, simply having basic liability coverage won’t bail you out every single time. Reputed insurance brokers like Surex recommend car owners have a collision or comprehensive insurance policy in place to secure their vehicle from dents. 

Moreover, simply filing a claim to fix a minor dent wouldn’t be the best decision either. So, read on to understand the type of coverage you need to fix dents and when you should file your claim.

Does car insurance cover dents in Canada?

Like most drivers in Canada, you most likely don’t want your car to have dents. At times, accidents and collisions cause large dents that leave an ugly mark on your car. If you prioritize the visual appeal of your vehicle, it pays to get the dent fixed. 

Whether you should file a claim for the dent depends on the cost needed to repair it. If you find that the deductible is almost the same as the repair value you need to pay, it would be wise not to seek the benefit. Filing a claim might result in an increment in your premium.

However, you might consider filing a claim if the accident or collision is serious and the repair costs extend beyond a few hundred dollars. If you aren’t sure about whether you should fix the dent yourself or file a claim, reach out to your insurance broker for guidance.

What type of policy will cover a dent in your car?

Interestingly, car dents insurance can be of two types. Depending on how the dent occurred, you need to file the claim. Broadly speaking, you can benefit from comprehensive or collision insurance to cover the dent. First, your insurer would want to know how the dent occurred. Based on this, they would compensate you if you have the right coverage.

No wonder, why trusted insurance brokers advise car owners to think beyond their basic liability insurance policies. Being a car owner, it’s natural to be inquisitive, and you might ask the brokers, ‘does insurance cover car dents?’. While your insurer covers dents, they would also expect you to have the right coverage in place.

What happens if you get a dent where you are not at fault?

There might be situations where you are not at fault, but the dent eventually affects your car. In these situations, you must tell your insurer how the dent occurred. If another driver is at fault, you might benefit from the third-party liability policy of the offending driver. However, you might not be able to trace the car or the driver. In these cases, your collision insurance coverage will come to your rescue.

Hit-and-run cases can turn ugly, leaving nasty dents on your car. Unless you have adequate insurance coverage, be prepared to compensate for the losses yourself.

Again, situations can be tricky where none of the drivers are at fault. Suppose a branch of a tree brush against your doors. Or, a falling object lands on your car, leaving a big dent in its roof. Depending on the nature of the damage, you need to get it covered under your collision or comprehensive insurance policy.

What happens if a hailstone leaves a dent?

In case you are wondering, ‘does insurance cover dents in a car caused by hail?’, the answer is yes.

If you have a comprehensive insurance policy, you need not worry about hail damage. Hailstorms are common in several Canadian provinces. Often, cars suffer ugly dents following these hailstorms. Since these perils are not under your control, make sure to cover your car under a comprehensive insurance package.

However, it’s wise to consult your insurance broker to understand the fine print. At times, your insurer might refuse to process the claim. 

For instance, if there’s a future prediction for a natural disaster, certain insurers can hold your policy. Under these conditions, the insurers prevent comprehensive insurance policies from working before a specified date. This way, they discourage car owners with liability schemes from getting any other optional coverages to protect their vehicles from a natural disaster.

Once the disaster is over, they allow car owners to get comprehensive policies. This way, they try to keep the number of claims low. To be on the safe path, make sure to get your comprehensive coverage right at the outset.

What happens if someone else leaves a dent in your car?

If you live in an area that is prone to vandalism, it’s not uncommon to find deliberately made dents or long scratches along the sides of your vehicle. This is a form of vandalism, and you remain covered under your comprehensive insurance policy. Restoring the metallic paint on your car can cost you thousands of dollars. So, if you are an unfortunate victim of vandalism, your comprehensive insurance will help you.

A comprehensive policy covers any type of damage that doesn’t occur due to a collision. This might be falling objects or any moving object damaging your car.


Do you still have further queries and want to know ‘does car insurance cover dents?’. It would be wise to reach out to a reputed online insurance brokerage. With professional guidance, you will be able to clarify your doubts.

Also, consulting an insurance broker will help you keep your premiums low. Even after you opt for liability insurance, collision insurance, and comprehensive insurance policy, you will be happy with the premium you shell out. Insurance brokers help you compare quotes from multiple insurers and choose the right policy depending on your budget and requirements. 

With dedicated support from industry professionals, you will be able to choose the right coverage. This way, you can stay financially secure against scratches and dents on your car.


By Swati