The make, model, engine size, value, safety and stability of an automobile is considered by insurance companies and affect premiums a lot. Typical automobiles with widely available parts, reasonable market value and made for family comfort rather than speed are known to cost less to insure in comparison to fast and flashy ones with higher value.

Many people don’t think much about the cost of insuring a new vehicle while they are considering the purchase. It can be an expensive oversight that will keep costing you over the coming years. Certain types of cars are more expensive to insure and you should always keep this in mind and prepare for it.

Here are the types of automobiles with expensive vehicle insurance premiums;

  1. Sports Cars

They are very attractive and flash and nobody can blame you for wanting to drive them. However, they are fast and powerful cars and this can lead to accidents, especially in the hands of inexperienced drivers. They usually struggle to handle sports cars and therefore most vehicle insurers will not underwrite a policy for a teen driver with a sports car.

It is always smart to get insurance quotes before buying a car to see how much you need to pay for a policy. Otherwise, you may have the shock of your life since the premium may be several thousand dollars.

  1. SUVs

Insurance companies aren’t fond of Sport Utility Vehicles either. They are usually big and have powerful engines. They can cause serious damages to properties and other automobiles in cases of crashes that potential claim payments can be higher. Furthermore, they have other shortcomings like they cannot handle sharp turns and corners on the roads and tip to one side.

If you aren’t an experienced driver and have long no claim history you should stay away from them. You may be better equipped to drive them after a few years of experience with a typical sedan. Also, there are many SUVs with good low insurance ratings. Choosing one of them may be an option.

  1. Modified Vehicles

Naturally, any modifications made will concern the insurers for several reasons. First of all, they are not normally modified by the original manufacturers so the question of quality work arises. Secondly, these adjustments are made to increase the speed or power of the engine. That means increased risk for the insurance provider.

Ideally, you should talk to your insurer first about the changes you propose and see how it would affect your auto insurance price. They will need to know what changes you are making, where you are getting your parts and who is making them.

  1. Pickup Trucks

They may seem to be a good idea to buy. They can carry loads and more people. However, how often you will need these vehicles unless you are farming or running a trade that requires you to carry tools and material. You can always borrow a friend’s pick up if you ever need one. Alternatively, you can hire one for a day or two at a reasonable cost. Again, check the insurance costs before spending the money.

Generally, cars with smaller engines are popular among insurance companies. They have small engines and are easy to repair. Also, they don’t cost a lot of money. These types of automobiles would be great first cars for a teenager or novice driver.

Typical family cars that are produced in masses are popular and cheap to insure as well. When they are in high circulation, it is cheaper to get them repaired as there are many mechanics who can fix them. In addition, their parts are easy and cheap to find.

At the end of the day, people like certain types of vehicles and they are unlikely to change their mind because of higher premiums. However, if they are considering several automobiles, the one with cheaper insurance may be appealing.