Upgrading to Microsoft Office 365 is an investment in productivity. This suite of cloud-based workplace tools provides the flexibility to collaborate in real-time, even when team members work from different locations or devices. Plus, it provides the latest security tools, relieving your IT staff of the burden of patching servers.

Improved Collaboration

As workplaces become increasingly diverse and distributed, collaboration becomes essential for teams to work effectively. Microsoft 365 Personal provides multiple collaborative tools, from SharePoint to Teams and OneDrive for Business, to allow teams to communicate and share files regardless of location. Sharing documents through the cloud means everyone working on the same file can access the most current version. It will ensure clarity and satisfaction from updated document versions and ensure all team members can access the same information.

In addition, the cloud allows for increased mobility by allowing each license to be used on up to five different devices. Additionally, each user gets 1TB of storage space on OneDrive, which will help to keep desktops clean and free from unnecessary data. It makes for a more efficient workspace and gives employees the flexibility they need to be productive in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Better Security

Since the modern workplace is so mobile, IT professionals need to have a way to manage employee devices. That’s where the Microsoft 365 cloud platform comes in handy. It keeps all files and apps securely stored in the cloud and regularly backed up. That means the business can still function normally even if a device gets lost or damaged. It also includes features like Microsoft Intune to help you manage employee devices, a must-have for any BYOD policy.

In addition, all Office applications are designed with collaboration in mind so that employees can work together on the same projects simultaneously. This real-time co-authoring feature is perfect for teams working remotely or on different schedules. Additionally, the platform has capabilities that make it simple for staff members to interact and work together across departments via email, Yammer, and Skype for Business. Another great thing about Microsoft 365 is that updates are delivered automatically on a predetermined schedule, so you don’t have to worry about installing software and ensuring users have the latest version. It removes the hassle and expense of juggling different versions of Office among your team members.

Better Compatibility

Many businesses are held back from upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Office because they want to retain access to older features. With Office 365, that worry is gone.

With the subscription-based model of Office 365, new features are regularly added to the platform and available for everyone to use immediately. It allows you to work on projects with your team without worrying about compatibility issues. Microsoft’s newest Office versions have been updated to better integrate with other technologies. For example, Excel 365 has had several improvements made to its XLOOKUP function that are not available in the older version of Excel.

Also, updates to Office 365 are downloaded and installed automatically. Administrators can update users through a standard or targeted release, depending on your organization’s structure and business processes. It helps reduce the IT burden of managing these changes and keeps everyone working productively. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to use Office 365. The cloud platform includes familiar Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote and additional productivity tools like Yammer, Skype for Business and OneDrive.

More Storage Space

In a digital age where file sizes are increasingly complicated, having enough storage space for your business can be a huge challenge. Upgrading to Microsoft Office 365 will provide a much more efficient way to store and share files, making it far easier for employees to work on the go. With OneDrive, an integral platform component, your team can work together seamlessly and access files from any device. It also means you don’t have to worry about storing and sharing files locally, as all changes will be synced in real-time across devices.

In addition to OneDrive, subscribers get various online business tools and services, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and more. As a result, you can access and manage all your business apps in one place rather than juggling multiple applications for different tasks. It will also simplify and streamline your processes and increase productivity. The benefits of upgrading to Microsoft Office 365 are undeniable, so don’t wait any longer.

More Mobility

A big benefit of Microsoft 365 is the ability to work online or offline on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. It makes staff more productive, especially when working away from the Office.

Files are stored on the cloud, backed up and accessible even if your business has an IT issue. Work can continue without interruption, especially if you use Microsoft Exchange for email.

Unlike traditional licensed software, Microsoft 365 updates are automatically installed across all devices. It saves time and effort for admin, especially if you use tools like Group Policy or System Configuration Manager.

Microsoft 365 combines the Office programs used in workplaces for decades with cloud apps and services to support collaboration and productivity. The service is a subscription, with plans to suit individuals, families, businesses and enterprises. Adding new 21st-century features, Office 365 will make your team more productive. With 1TB of storage per user, the days of constantly converting files back and forth between different platforms are over.

By Sambit