Whatever I’m gonna write today is my opinion, my point of view. I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings.

In India teens of 18-25 ages group when wanna make or get along with their carriers, not being driven by others opinion but from their own likes & dislikes like sport person, singer, actor, actress,any field that is full of struggle, aren’t supported but are told by family and all to go in for-sure fields like engineering, medical, management, etc. I wanna ask every parents (Indian) are only these few fields in world stairway to success; are they insurance for our good & lavish life. Are they insurance that if we go for ‘em we ain’t gonna suffer later; and if you’re from a typical Indian family and going against your parents then boy! You are so doomed. The inner Amrish Puri of every parents kicks in then & they are like “Ni Simran Ni”…

We wanna make our India like big guns US, Australia etc. but frankly I don’t think we will ever be able to get to that level where they are. (Its other thing that we’ve more world cup’s than Australia & more satellites than US in space.) Children/teens there have this freedom to choose whatever they wanna do in their life, they aren’t feeded since childhood that life ain’t nothing but Engineering and Medical.

I don’t get it, whenever we go to take any important decision of life, unnecessary emotional burden are shoved in our heart so that we get the hell backed off & do whatever are demanded to do and… and… in the moment if you do the asked, you’re a star child of your parent & if you don’t change your mood being rigid on your opinion… Boy! You’re the worst child anyone could ever have.

We aren’t allowed to dream but are shoved with dreams but frankly parent’s alone aren’t responsible/culprit in this but the goddamn society plays an awful role too. Society; & its P.O.V makes us even leave are dreams behind ‘coz it’s not good enough to run for. Our relatives forces us to think like them, look at things like them, Already knowing that  the time at their time and time of our time, there’s a big difference in it. They them self know this very nicely’ that the world now doesn’t works as it used to at there time.

I know that all our parents want is “Us being self dependent” but in attempt to that, sometimes they do kill our dreams, clinching our feather’s…

Let me give you an example. We all own a mobile/computer now-a-days, they keep demanding for updates & we do update them too. The question why do we keep updating them what the need of regular updates. Lemme tell you; the one & only reason is “we wanna keep up the pace with change”.

Same is what we need for our society. Society as well as our parents need to change their P.O.V with respect to changing time. From change in P.O.V what I mean is change in their trend & thinking, change in mindset.

That is what I wanna tell those parents who are having issues with their children. Try to fix the gap in between. Try to understand them & try to think according to their P.OV . Try to feel what they feel. Then you will see, they aren’t wrong neither are you but the only thing is the gap in between the generations that keep’s away from understanding each other.

We all must have heard our parent saying “If my parents had allowed me to do so, I would have being something else”; and some also say that “whatever I’m today, I’m because of my parents’.

Now it depends on us, that on which side we wanna be, on “I would have been so” side or “I’m because of my parents side”

When we changed from black & white to color TV, Telephone to Smartphone, 90’s to 20’s, then why shouldn’t we change our self, instead of remaining 90’s from inside.

It ain’t all fault of parents & guardians, sometimes there are children who are at fault. There are some who spend 20-30 rupees just for their convenience while some are whose whole month pocket money is 20 rs.

Some parents are cool enough to let their children live like they wish while some are still the 90’s type, forcing them to leave the way their parents want.

The generation gap thing gets worse when it comes to girls, because they are girl. Every family loves to see girls on TV but no one wants to see their girl on TV, ‘coz she’s a girl. Now you must be wondering why am I saying “ ‘coz they are girls”. Exactly, you got it right; whenever any girl isn’t allowed to do anything the reason she’s given is that “She is a girl”.

When a girl is born right from that time she is expected to be decent, gentle. Grow up into a beautiful women and marry a wealthy man. I ain’t saying that every parent thinks like this but majority does. I salute those parents who let their girl child fly high and run after her dreams, but then One in Hundred does So.

Lemme tell you a stat. every year approx. 2-3 lakh’s children die of suicide. Okay! I buy this that 90% of then attempt suicide out of their stupidity but there are also who do this out of frustration. Frustrated, ‘coz they aren’t allowed to go for their dreams and run for it, no being able to do so they prefer to do so they decide to in their life. Somewhere at some point parents, society are also responsible for this.

I ain’t saying that our parents or anyone’s parent is wrong. All I’m saying is there P.O.V is different from ours.

“parents aren’t wrong its just that their point of view is different”.


All they gotta do is understand their children and what they feel or think.

I know its difficult but we got to initiate. Initiate from both ends to fill this so called ”GENERATION GAP”