Middle class a family where when a new baby is born hope’s & expectations starts to place it’s roots in home accompanied with every moment of rising, increasing happiness of new born.

Middle class, a place where Ma-Papa tries to give every possible comfort to their children. its the place where papa sacrifices own need to buy medicines for his Ma-Papa & now will continue doing so that he can save money for his new born, from today onwards will work harder & late so can save more money for his child that will help him in coming future. To pay his school & college fee’s. To fulfill his needs, wants & comfort so that when the new born turns 3 & gotta go to school he/she can be provided with the best possible.

Middle class, a place where Papa jee is crazy for cricket but still will miss world-cup & work late for his children & when returns home late, inspite of  knowing that he’s tired & needs something additional to basic food will force his children to drink milk & maybe other supplements ‘coz he thinks they must’ve gotten tired due to 6 hours of careless school & little bit of coaching classes but Ma already has forced us to drink even when we don’t want so (Bhale hin 2 thappad lgane pade).

Ma…. oh Ma..!! Indian Ma, they always wanna see their kids that golu-molu types. we just gotta wish once & she provides us with whatever we wanna eat.

And now there come’s time when we children get blinded of our comfort Or call it showoff’s’. We begin to persist our parents to get us with things like mobile Phones, bikes etc. Sometimes we are afraid of talking to papa jee and theres when our setting is directly with Ma. They even get us such things which they haven’t ever used in their own life. Even if he hasn’t ever owned a vehicle but get’s us one so that we don’t have to face problems in going to school & coaching.

Then comes the time of 10th boards. Ma-Papa are tensed much more than the child. They wonder even if the child has studied or is prepared. Finally child passed with flying colours & again an environment of celebration is created in house but with happiness a burden comes shoulders of Papa jee. The burden & hope, responsibility for further studies of the child. As few days pass child is asked “what next..?” & he/she chooses what ever they wanna do next. He again doing many sacrifices, provides us with best coaching schools possible, so that our roots of future can be made firm & strong. Soon 2 years pass & now the child wishes to go to college. But its a big test for Papa-jee. He starts taking rounds the banks & this-that so that can get a loan for child’s studies & college. Works now even more harder & late to earn more, even overtime so that these money can act as a backbone & provide with more support to family.

Yes we think more before we do expenses. we do make list of our expenses & tries to keep a check & try to all. Yes we do all things that richies will find weired even imaginary.