Questions To Ask PR Agency

Searching for a good PR agency is not an easy task. It is too much for handling at the same time, from publishing an RFP to interviewing every agency and selecting the best PR partner for your business and goals. There is a lot of work to do. Whether you are planning to hire a digital pr agency for long-term goals or any short-term campaigns, it is really important to select the proper one as the right PR agency has the potential to make your life easier just by being an amazing extension of your marketing team. This blog will discuss Questions To Ask A PR Agency Before You Hire Them On Board. Here are a few list:

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Questions To Ask A PR Agency Before You Hire Them On Board

Here, in this article, I will guide you with the questions that you should ask a PR agency before hiring them. All these questions will not only assist you in choosing the right PR agency but also help you to build a bond before you start working with them. 

Why Are You Interested In Working With Us?

You may be thinking, is there any needs to ask this question. But trust me, with the answer to this question, you will be able to determine whether the agency has researched your business or not. They should point out specific reasons.

And this may include the products or the missions of your company that encourage them if they notice your competitors and have some ideas to make you the expert among all of them. Isn’t it a bonus point?

What Makes You Different Among Many PR Agencies?

It is really vital that agencies are aware of their competitive advantages. How will they be able to serve you with the specific goals? In case they have worked with many other companies like yours, they will know in and out about your industry.

This not only helps them to share your story and build a relationship with the media but also tells your story through your thought leaders. Building these types of relationships on behalf of yours will make them different from others. 

Can You Share Your Experience With Similar Companies As A Similar Growth Phase As Us?

When an agency answers this question, the client’s case study is the key here. They should represent clear examples of past clients along with the strategies that help them to grow. Ask them about the recommendations they will make to an agency like yours. 

If the agency has a deeper knowledge about your business, it will point out some specific examples of particularly similar companies like yours. The agency will also explain specific projects and the reason behind their excellent performance. 

As An Agency, What Metrics Matters To You?

When you are going to hire an agency, it is crucial to know how the agency will be able to assist you in getting your goals with the help of a stable report cadence. In case you are having a board meeting, the agency must provide you the key metrics they have added to your team. 

The PR agencies that have up-to-date tools in their hands will be able to offer you a detailed view of your competitors, key messages, and media feedback. Their job does not end here; they will also come up with effective recommendations accordingly. 

When We Do Not Have Press Release Or News Every Month, What Is Your Approach To PR?

You can not forget the fact that PR is much more than just press releases or news. So, focusing on these things, ask the agencies about their strategies to deal with this. Contributed pieces of content, quotes, and interviews of client thought leaders work great. 

If the PR agency believes in a balanced coverage and also tries to represent you as the thought leader in different topics, then you are with the right partner. 


Interview the shortlisted PR agencies with these questions. The answer will help you a lot in understanding which PR agency has what for you. Do not forget to ask about the cost. It should fit within your budget. But do not compromise with the service as well.