The main problem with walking on concrete all day is you could harm your feet and legs if you don’t have the right shoe on your feet.  You may not realize the problem suddenly, but you may often face chronic back pain or ankle pain is caused by the wrong shoe.  The primary solution is to get the right shoe for walking on concrete, which also supports your arch and doesn’t put excess pressure on your knee & ankles. Do you know which one is the worst? The high heels shoes are the worst. You must have to carry a comfortable pair to get a comfortable experience on concrete!

What you should look for and what you should avoid:

You should look for:

  • Rigid front
  • Well-cushioned midsole
  • Good footwear inserts
  • Supportive Arch System
  • Shock Absorbent
  • Slightly rounded sole


You should avoid:

  • High heels
  • Thinly soled flats
  • Bad fits


For those people who have knee or ankle pain, choosing shoes doesn’t involve only picking the right color and size, they need to look some more properties while buying a new pair. Here we are going to discuss some properties which you should look for while buying a pair of shoe especially for walking on concrete. Let’s have a look:


Find well-cushioned footwear: A well-cushioned shoe will help prevent shock to the knees. You will feel like walking on pillows. Well cushioned footwear can absorb the impact of the foot hitting the ground & prevent the shock. So finding well-padded shoes is a must do task for walking on hard surfaces like concrete sidewalks.

Check the sole: Solid and firm midsole helps to reduce over pronation which is a very common problem in people with low arches. According to Dr. Elizabeth Kurtz who is a podiatrist APMA, “Overpronation causes the lower leg and knee to rotate inward each time the foot hits the ground.” This inward rotation may lead to knee strain and pain. So it’s very necessary to take check the sole before buying.

Check the motion control and stability features:

With extra cushioning & footwear consider wearing athletic shoes. Athletic shoes are generally designed for running and fitness with motion control and stability features which will control the inward rotation of the foot, lower leg, and knee. Check if these properties constructed to keep the foot in the correct position while walking.

Avoid high heel shoes:  High heel shoes may be stylish but they’re too bad for knee health. Studies show that knee problem is 23% greater in a woman wearing high heels compared to those in barefoot. Not only high heels, even moderately heeled dress shoes like pumps can cause stress to your knee. So it’s better to focus on health and comfort rather than fashion.

Footwear inserts:  Check the footwear inserts, most of the time, there are simple inserts that come with the shoes. But no need to worry. So many brands provide quality shoe inserts, which will help you stay on your feet all day. Some of them are even specially designed for painful, disabling knee osteoarthritis, and some are for foot conditions like misalignment problems or plantar fasciitis. You just need to find the perfect one that will fit you.

That’s all you have to look while buying a new shoe if you want to work or walk all day long on concrete. Hope now you can select the right shoe for walking all day long on concrete.


By asktohow

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