Relationships are something you could never get rid of. It is a great feeling that a person feels when you are in a relationship. It is a faithful and full of love experience that you gain when you have someone in your life it could either be your girlfriend or your wife.

But unfortunately according to most of the researches it has been found that the couples those are close enough and are in open relationship states that they are not happy, or falling in love isn’t a good experience.

That’s totally a wrong mentality of today’s people because the relationships are too good and a very common need of both the genders but we make it complicated.

In this article I will mention some of the relationship goals guiding points that you should keep in mind before starting a relationship so it will go well for both of you.

Even if you are in an open relationship it still would help you and you will be able to know why at some point the relationship isn’t going good.


The foremost mistake that most of the boys and girls do before starting a new relationship which becomes an evil for them as time goes is that of wrong commitments.

Both of you should be truly committed to yourself first before falling in a relationship if one of you are not serious about this relation then tell it to the next it will help you maintaining your good and mature image also the next person won’t get hurt.


Treat Each Other With Respect

The second thing both of the persons should know that respect is something that everybody wants from the one they even they don’t know so they obviously expects It from the person whom they are planning to make life with.

So respect is the other thing that you both should give to each other if you are at any stage of your relationship it will help you both keep connected and feels good about each other.

That is something that people ignores that if they had become closer than respect should be given priority and this creates problem.

Never Force Your Relationship

Never ever try to force the next person to do something for you as it makes a feel of irritation.

If he/she truly means to do something for you so they definitely will.

This thing could become an evil to your relationship and the next person will try to get rid of your behavior.

Give Some Space

The most common mistake that couples make is that of thinking that there should be no privacy among them but it’s totally wrong.

You both should give some space to each other as everybody wants a bit of privacy in their life.

If you are the one that understands it than congratulations you are on a right track but for those who still are the victim of this thought that there should be nothing private I recommend to change their mentality.


For a good relationship understanding is the basic need. It is something like water to a tree.

Couples should understand each other at every situation in every bad or good situation this will help you to make a good bonding among you both.

Also you both will be able to openly discuss your problems that could be anything and a trust will always be built between you.

Never doubt

Doubt this is not only a word but a tsunami for a relationship. Never ever commit a mistake of doubting each other this thing had broken a lot of marriages and relationships. If you truly love your partner then there is no option left for doubting.

If you are providing all that love and comfort that he/she requires then why he/she would get attracted to other person.

But if you doubt continuously then your partner might start hating your such habit and would try to move on as everybody wants peace in his/her life. Try to trust as much as possible and don’t doubt each other.

The Third Person

You might have heard before about this. The third person is injurious for a relationship. Never share your relationship problems with someone else always try to sort it out together as the third party has no interest whether you die or live they just need some interesting topic to gossip about.

They would give you opinion even without thinking and you might blindly follow it this could lead to harm your blessed relation with your partner.

I highly recommend never doubt and never share your personal problems with the third party.


In the above article I have mentioned some of the basic points that you should keep in mind if you wish to have a healthy and relaxing relationship. These are some essential guiding points that are highly recommended for you in order to make your bad relationships better and if you are taking an initiative step to a relationship this would be found really helpful for you indeed.

Hope the article was worth informative.


By asktohow

Owner of Asktohow