Auto accidents in Michigan occur anywhere from rural county roads to busy interstate highways. In most cases, these crashes happen due to the negligence or carelessness of the other driver. Michigan is a no-fault state, and car accident victims need to use their Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage to secure the compensation and benefits they require following an accident. A Michigan auto accident lawyer helps victims and their families in the following ways.

Medical Care

Michigan personal injury lawyers work with healthcare professionals to ensure the victims receive medical care. Your attorney may help you schedule examinations by other doctors when appropriate. They will also ensure that victims receive the medical care necessary for recovery, including vocational and occupational rehabilitation.

Victims who sustain injuries following a severe auto accident in Michigan may suffer from emotional conditions, including depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Family members who lose loved ones may suffer emotional harm and require psychological counseling for complete healing. Work with a personal injury attorney with a strong network of consulting medical professionals to ensure your records are reviewed promptly. The approach lets you assess your pain, suffering, and medical costs following an accident.

Disability Cases

Some auto accident victims sustain injuries that cause disabilities. If that happens, a reliable Michigan personal injury lawyer can help you secure a professional life-care plan detailing medical costs and needs in the future. The document lets your attorney negotiate settlements considering ongoing costs related to a permanent disability or severe injury. Working with a reliable law firm allows victims to secure Social Security Disability benefits if they can’t return to work due to injuries sustained following an auto accident. They help victims prepare and present a claim application and address any issues should the Social Security Administration (SSA) deny their claim.

Monetary Health

Victims of a severe auto accident have several bills for car repairs, hospital stays, medical fees, and additional unanticipated expenses. Victims of an auto accident in Michigan experience financial stress from lost income. The primary objective of filing a personal injury claim following an auto accident is to secure the compensation that caters to your lost income and expenses, aside from providing you with monetary compensation for the sustained pain and suffering.

Work with a reliable Michigan personal injury attorney to help you assess your economic damages and the tangible costs of your injuries. An auto accident lawyer determines the appropriate compensation for your non-economic and economic damages depending on the specifics of your case. Your attorney will also advise you on seeking extra non-economic damages to ensure you receive fair compensation for your mental and emotional suffering aside from your physical pain. Your lawyer presents a personal injury claim to the at-fault party’s insurance company to try and negotiate a settlement offer. An out-of-court agreement concludes the case swiftly and enables victims to focus on their recovery. Your attorney will represent you in court if an appropriate and fair settlement can’t be reached.

Accident Investigation

A Michigan auto accident lawyer works with a team of accident investigators to establish what caused the accident. The investigations usually extend from the accident scene and the vehicle to other drivers’ actions and witnesses in the wreckage and several hours before an accident. Michigan personal injury lawyers may work with accident reconstruction specialists who serve as expert witnesses if deemed necessary.

Victims who sustain severe injuries following an auto accident in Michigan should hire a reliable attorney to help them recover maximum compensation. Much of the burden lies with the victims of an accident as they face months of rehabilitation exercises, treatment, and additional work. Michigan personal injury lawyers help victims ease their burdens by handling the negotiations with insurers and the paperwork and protecting their rights to help them focus on their recovery.

By Sambit