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Critical illness list including cancer, heart attacks, kidney failure, and others, necessitate prompt medical care. Yet frequently, the growing expense of medical care makes it challenging for the ill to access the necessary medical care. The critical illness plan covers the cost of the lump-sum payment that covers the astronomical medical costs associated with these life-threatening disorders.

Critical illness insurance protects the insured against life-threatening sickness and offers financial assistance. Kidney failure is one of the several severe illnesses covered by essential illness insurance plans.

What is the Critical Illness Insurance Policy for Kidney Patients?

The best critical illness insurance is available for people undergoing dialysis for kidney disease. They will be viewed as having medical coverage with pre-existing conditions. These insurance differ significantly from standard plans regarding terms, conditions, and waiting time. Moreover, the premium for this insurance is considerably greater. Kidney disease is considered a severe illness, so it is necessary to know that not all insurance providers provide such specialised medical plans. But, the same would be regarded as standard coverage if you were diagnosed with the renal disease after purchasing the policy.

The waiting period, co-payment, and sub-limit provisions are crucial in severe illness coverage for renal disease. The waiting period is a set time after the policy’s purchase, during which the policyholder cannot make certain claims. The waiting period is lengthy for pre-existing conditions, typically 2 to 3 years.

Moreover, the insurance provider could include co-payment and sub-limit provisions because renal illness is a part of the critical illness list. The insurance company covers some medical costs under the co-payment clause, and the policyholder pays for the remaining amount. An insurance company’s sub-limit is a ceiling on a specific treatment. Like a renal disease, the insurance provider may set a sub-limit on specific transplant procedures such as dialysis.

Perks Offered by the Critical Illness Plans

A prospective policyholder should be aware of the advantages provided by the health care insurance plan they plan to purchase. It is crucial if one suffers from a severe illness like kidney disease.

Dialysis, for instance, is one of the fundamental therapies for renal patients, and you might not need to stay in the hospital for such a surgery. Dialysis is, therefore, typically covered by a severe illness insurance plan. Verify the daycare services that your policy covers.

Also, since not all hospitals offer these treatments for kidney illness, reviewing the critical illness list of hospitals and transplant facilities that the insurance provider covers are crucial.

When purchasing the insurance, ensure you know all the terms, including pre-and post-hospitalisation and inpatient hospitalisation.

Health Insurance Plans for Kidney Patients

1. Niva Bupa CritiCare Plan

Niva Bupa Health Insurance’s CritiCare coverage provides financial support if you are diagnosed with any of the 20 critical illnesses listed. The policy will pay you a lump-sum payment if you are diagnosed with any of these ailments. It covers the most frequent ailments that affect Indians, such as heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, cancer, open chest CABG, and heart valve replacement or repair. This critical illness insurance in India gives you an extra 10% of the total covered yearly for the next five years. You may purchase the coverage if you are between 18 and 65, with insured options ranging from Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 2 crores.

2. Reliance HealthGain

Reliance HealthGain is a medical coverage covering various medical treatments related to kidney disease. The plan covers inpatient and outpatient treatment expenses and expenditures for dialysis and kidney transplants. It also covers pre-existing conditions related to kidney disease, making it a good option for patients with pre-existing conditions.

3. Apollo Munich Optima Restore

This comprehensive health insurance covers various aspects of medical treatment for kidney patients. It covers hospitalisation, consultation, diagnostics, and pre and post-hospitalisation expenses. The plan also provides coverage for dialysis and kidney transplants, two of the most expensive treatments for kidney disease.

4. HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha

HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha is another popular insurance policy that covers kidney patients in India. The plan covers inpatient and outpatient treatment and expenses for dialysis and kidney transplants. The plan also covers pre-existing conditions related to kidney disease, making it an excellent option for patients with pre-existing conditions.

Kidney disease is a chronic condition that affects a significant portion of the Indian population. Best critical illness insurance can play a crucial role in providing financial support for kidney patients. There are various healthcare plans available in India that cover kidney patients. These plans from the critical illness list provide coverage for various medical treatments related to kidney disease, including dialysis and kidney transplants. Comparing the benefits and coverage of critical illness insurance in India is important before choosing one suitable for your needs.

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