Solar Panels

One of the most common questions solar experts get asked by prospective home solar panel buyers is whether solar panel installation would help increase their  property prices. Well, the answer is – yes, it absolutely does. In fact, whether a property has pre-installed solar panels for home, or not,  is one of the key buying criteria most people consider when buying a residential property. That’s because a property that comes with pre-installed solar panels for home saves people the time and effort involved in the solar panel installation process. And that’s just one of the reasons why people prefer homes with pre-installed solar panel systems. Let us delve deeper to find out the other important reasons.

Property investment companies and developers recognise that people also want to save on energy costs, so the demand for pre-installed solar panels in residential properties is increasing. A UK-based buy to let property company RWinvest has received significant interest in their latest Liverpool investment property for sale as it includes energy-saving technology, which minimises tenants’ costs and adds value to the property, making it a great deal for investors.

Reasons people prefer properties with pre-installed solar panel systems

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons people prefer properties with pre-installed solar panel systems is that it helps them save the hassle of going through the process of researching, procuring, and setting up a home solar panel system. As property buying is a very hectic process, most buyers want to save on the time and effort involved in the solar panel installation process.

Another reason people prefer homes with pre-installed solar panels is that it helps them start saving on their electricity bills from day one. Usually, solar panel installation takes a few weeks to a month. And sometimes it may even take a few months in case one is a compulsive procrastinator. Buying a home with a pre-installed solar panel system, therefore, is a smart way of saving from day one.  

Buying a property with a pre-installed solar panel system also helps property buyers save on the cost of installing a higher priced new solar panel system.  As inflation continues to rise, the price of installing a solar panel, too, has witnessed a marginal rise. In a scenario like this, prospective buyers get the benefit of a discounted solar panel system price. 

The Other Perks of Solar Panels for Home

Installing solar panels for home not only offers property appreciation but it has other benefits too. Let us take a quick look at the other benefits of installing solar panels for home.

1. Reliable source of energy.

By installing a home solar panel system, you no longer must rely on your local grid for your energy supply. So, in case you have been facing long and frequent power outages, or are tired of the rising energy prices, going solar is one of the best ways to reduce your dependence on your local grid.

2. Substantial savings on energy bills.

Many homeowners opt for home solar systems because it helps them save on monthly utility bills. Installing a home solar system, helps in significant savings on energy bills. And while the upfront cost of installing a home solar system may seem like a substantial amount, most property owners tend to recover the cost within 3 to 5 years of installation.  

3. Reduction in carbon footprint.

Utilizing solar energy to power your home is far better for the environment as compared to the energy generated through conventional power sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas that are responsible for the environmental woes. In fact, installing a solar panel for home can help in reducing the carbon footprint by a substantial amount. 

Planning to Go Solar? 

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