Virtual Phone Number

Instant messaging applications occupy an indispensable place in the lives of millions of users from all over the world. We use them to stay in touch with friends and relatives as well as to contact customers and business partners on various matters. But every day it is getting more and more difficult to enjoy all the benefits of such apps as they are implementing mandatory phone verification for their users. Today, when privacy is a key parameter for surfing the internet, disclosing your personal mobile number is for sure not the best decision. Luckily, there is a simple and useful solution for this issue in the form of virtual phone numbers.

What are virtual phone numbers?

This service began to gain popularity relatively recently. For this reason, many people have no idea what virtual phone numbers are. However, in its essence, such a feature does not represent anything unusual or complicated. A virtual number is almost the same as a real one. It also works in a network and is assigned to a SIM card of a particular mobile operator.

The only difference is that it is way easier to get and can be activated with an internet connection only. To obtain a virtual phone number users just need to sign up for a specialized platform that provides them. There is no need to go anywhere as well as to provide any personal information like in case of purchasing a SIM card from a cell phone carrier.

Since it is obtained within specialized services, there is no need for a mobile phone at all. You can use a virtual phone number to sign up for any online application or website using a laptop, notebook, or even personal computer. This allows taking an advantage of this service from anywhere in the world.

Suitable not only for instant messengers

At the moment virtual numbers have a wide range of uses. You can use them to sign up not only for instant messaging apps but also for online platforms of other kinds. To be more precise, virtual numbers can be used to create accounts on:

  • Media networks;
  • Online stores;
  • Social services;
  • Thematic forums;
  • Survey sites and so on.

In principle, there are no restrictions at all in this respect. You can use virtual phone numbers to sign up for any website or application that requires users to verify their mobile numbers during the registration process. Moreover, they are also suitable for verification purposes. If there is an already created account with blocked features because it has not been verified then virtual numbers are the way to go.

Using a virtual phone number for signing up

Nowadays there are a lot of platforms on the internet that offer such an option. But it is important to do the right choice as all of them offer services of different costs as well as quality. No doubt one of the best opportunities to get a virtual number at the moment is provided by SMS-Man.

This service has all the solutions for those people who want to deal with SMS verification online on any instant messenger as well as other online apps. To make it work users have to only complete a simple registration that takes no longer than a minute. Once it is done, get a virtual phone number for the desired app on its main page, put it on the account registration or verification form just if it was a real number, and then use the received verification code to finish the process. This is it. There is nothing difficult about virtual phone numbers at all.