lighting fixtures for home

If you wanna decorate your home, you may need to change multiple aspects of your house. By switching up your decor, changing your furniture, and going with a completely new aesthetic, you can make a drab house feel like it is a new and improved home for you and your family. One of the main elements of your home’s interior decor that can significantly influence the mood and energy of a space is the lighting fixtures. Lighting fixtures can range from candelabras, chandeliers, table lamps, table lights, and standing lamps that can affect the lighting of the space, the aesthetic of the room, and the theme of the space you are going for. Here are three steps to choosing only the best lighting fixtures for your home and how you can easily decide on this important factor for your house.

Designer lighting brands

Tom Dixon 

Tom Dixon is known for its homeware, kitchen sets, and lighting fixtures that are suitable for any room in the house. 

Visual Comfort & Co

Do you want a beautiful and intricate chandelier in the middle of your living room? Look no further – shop Visual Comfort to find luxurious and detail-oriented lighting fixtures that range from table lamps to floor lamps. 

Regina Andrew Design

With a husband and wife team, this brand of lighting fixtures mimics the blend of femininity and masculinity in their pieces. Known for its chandeliers and asymmetrical lighting arrangements, this company produces beautiful fixtures out of various materials, like ceramic and wood. 

Steps to choosing lighting fixtures for your home

To begin deciding on the best lighting fixtures for your house, you used to make sure you first know the theme you are going for in your home. Do you want dimly lit spaces that are relaxing and calming, or do you want a brightly lit area that is conducive for high energy and artistic projects? 

Measure the length of the space

One factor that can influence the lighting fixtures you chose for your home is the available space you have. Why would you put a chandelier on your ceiling if you only have a studio apartment? Instead, find the space in which you want to add a light and then decide what the best option is that is practical and stylish. If you only have a little bit of space near your dresser or your bed, consider choosing a standing lamp that can provide a soft and natural light.

How low the lighting fixture can hang

The second determinant of what type of lighting fixture you want for your room or house is how low the fixture can hang. Depending on the room, the style of the house, the ceiling type, and the placement of the lighting fixture, you can decide to have a hanging piece that can work with your vibe. The clearance needed for a lighting fixture depends on the space in which the light is being used, such as the bedroom, living room, or family room.

Where do you want to hang the lighting fixture?

The final step in choosing the best lighting fixtures is seeing where you want to hang the piece. Do you want to hang it in the dining room above the subtle or in your room near your bed?


You need to follow the aforementioned three steps before purchasing any lighting fixtures for your home. Consider measuring the area of the space, seeing how low the fixture can hang, and then seeing what area you want the lighting fixture in, such as a dining room or bedroom. After that, you can browse the various options on websites like Tom Dixon.