When a hurricane hits, impact windows and doors will prevent debris and flying objects from entering the home. They also can reduce noise levels in a house by providing a more insulated barrier to outside sounds.

Energy efficiency is another benefit of impact windows and doors. These products are made from eco-friendly materials that can help lower homeowners’ utility bills by reducing heat gain in the summer and cold loss in the winter.

Energy Efficiency

Traditional windows could be more energy efficient, which costs homeowners money each month. However, impact glass reduces your home’s energy costs by blocking unwanted solar heat in the summer and keeping cooled air inside during the winter.

Their layered laminated glass and super-sealed framing also prevent air leakage and noise pollution from the outside. This makes your home quieter and more comfortable, especially near a busy highway or intersection.

In addition to protecting your property from debris and hurricane damage, Florida windows and doors provide improved insulation, lower noise pollution, and help slash your energy bills.

Increased Value

Impact windows and doors boost the value of your house since they are composed of durable materials that can resist heavy winds and flying debris. These windows are not just an investment in protection; they also add a sense of security and style that appeals to potential buyers.

The thicker multi-layer design of impact glass makes it an excellent sound barrier. This is especially beneficial for homeowners that live on busy streets or near airports.

In addition, the tempered glass in impact windows shatters into tiny, harmless pieces rather than sharp shards when broken, which reduces the risk of injury. They are, therefore, a safer option for homes with young children or pets. They also block 99% of harmful UV rays, which help protect furniture, wallpaper or paint, carpeting, and artwork from fading.

Better Security

In addition to protecting against the debris and shattered glass from high winds and tropical storms, impact windows also make it difficult for burglars to break into your home. This is because they are designed with multiple layers of glass and other durable materials that make it difficult to penetrate or shatter.

The importance of impact-resistant windows becomes clearer when examining the statistics on home invasions. Notably, 23% of burglaries occur through open or easily accessible first-floor windows. This high percentage underscores the vulnerability of standard ground-level windows—which can be easily breached or broken. Impact-resistant windows not only offer protection against environmental threats like storms, but also enhance security against potential break-ins. By installing these durable windows, homeowners can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized entry and ensure a safer living environment. It’s truly a matter of security (and even safety)

Unlike traditional windows, which are responsible for a quarter to a third of a homeowner’s energy bills, impact windows help reduce the heat transferred inside your home. This is because they effectively block out the sun’s intense rays, keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

With these benefits, impact windows are a worthwhile investment for any Florida homeowner. However, they must be properly installed by an experienced contractor to deliver the full benefits that they offer.


The impact windows and doors have multiple layers, making them strong and durable. This makes it resistant to the force of wind and debris during hurricanes and other storms. The durable construction also helps slash energy bills.

Impact glass also provides a strong defense against break-ins. The reinforced frames and laminated insulated glass can withstand the force of a baseball bat or a crowbar, effectively deterring burglars from entering your home.

Noise Reduction

Unlike a coating that can be applied to traditional windows, impact windows and doors require a full replacement. Their thicker glass and tighter seal provide additional insulation that can help reduce energy bills. This will be apparent, especially in the summer when energy costs are at their highest.

You’ll also notice that outside noise is reduced thanks to impact windows and doors. This helps combat outside noise pollution, whether it comes from the neighbors, kids playing on the block, or the rumbling of buses and trucks nearby.

It’s also worth mentioning that impact windows are more challenging to break into than standard windows. They are subjected to a battery of demanding tests, which is why. The laminate glass and additional reinforcement will thwart all but the most determined burglary attempts.

By Sambit