artificial rose bear

What you need to know about safely caring for and handling your artificial rose bear

It requires special care and attention to guarantee that your rose bear lasts and is suitable to use. Because of its small weight and softness, your rose bear should not be placed in an area where heavier objects may fall on or over it. The artificial rose bear should not be used as a weight-bearing device or to distribute the weight of other objects.

Small, pointy, and other pieces of your rose bear might damage a youngster and cause choking or fire if not handled properly. Rose should not be handled or played with by children unattended. A rose bear in our organza bag may be displayed as an adornment in a room, out of reach of curious children. Due to normal wear and tear and the composition of our rose bears, they are not recommended for children to play with it or handle without adult supervision, even though we thoroughly inspect each one before shipping. Polystyrene is the primary material used to make your rose bear, although additional materials may be used depending on your customization choices. A discolored rose bear may be caused by storing your rose in direct sunlight or in a heated climate. Please keep your rose bear away from open flames and other heat sources, as it might catch fire and cause serious injury or death to anybody or everything it comes into contact with.

Your artificial flower rose of bear should not be washed or subjected to any kind of laundry treatment. Bleach and product cleansers, as well as any other liquids or items that may cause discoloration, should be avoided. Clean the rose bear’s petals and body with a dry towel or tissue. It is best to store your rose bear in the organza bag supplied or in a gift basket if bought while not in use. Your rose bear may have little shining studs attached to it as part of your customization or an occasion-specific rose bear, and these studs will have a needle connection attached to them. Please do not let a youngster play with or otherwise handle a rose bear without an adult’s supervision. Parts of the rose bear might break off and get dislodged, creating a major choking hazard and/or injury risk.

LED lights in bespoke bears and add-ons may be powered by a normal rechargeable battery. It is common for the battery-holder to be connected to the bear’s bottom back, where the tail would normally be. Keep the battery compartment and LED illumination away from water and moist surfaces at all times. A rose bear is a perfect present, whether it’s for a loved one, a kid, or a coworker. These teddy bear-shaped fake flowers are adorable presents guaranteed to bring joy to the recipient. 

It is unnecessary to water the fake flowers since they will not wilt. However, if the flowers are exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period, the colors in the blossoms may fade. Keep your bear visible but out of direct sunlight. Carefully handle your bear at all times. It’s built to last, and a youngster should be able to snuggle and play with it without any problems. Make sure the present box is returned to its original location after that. Displaying it in this manner will guarantee that it doesn’t suffer any accidental harm. When kept in a box, dust will eventually accumulate on the flowers, even if you keep them clean. Using a cool hairdryer or a gentle brush, you should be able to get it all out. Use a soft brush to keep it looking new and avoid using too much force while dusting.

Even though your pets won’t be harmed by it, you should keep it out of their reach for your own safety. A thermometer isn’t necessary, and trying to maintain a precise temperature isn’t necessary, either. However, avoid putting the rose bear in an area where it may be subjected to temperature fluctuations. However, these bears are built to endure. If you follow these simple guidelines, your present will be appreciated for many years to come by the people in your life. Contact best wholesale site-dhgate of rose bear to learn more about your alternatives.