If you’re considering purchasing a key safe, you’ve probably wondered how to distinguish between a police approved one and a fake. The police preferred designation indicates a product has passed stringent tests to meet the standards of the Building Research Establishment. To gain this credential, the manufacturer must adhere to the SBD’s Police Preferred Accreditation scheme. Whether you’re interested in a key safe for home or office, it is important to know what to look for.

First, check for SAFe popm certification. This is a rigorous testing process performed by the world’s leading experts in manual forced entry techniques to ensure that the key safe meets the LPS1175 standard. In addition to the LPCB certification, make sure to look for a key safe with an ISO certificate. Having an ISO certification means that the product has undergone multiple tests to identify weaknesses. Additionally, you should look for TSA (Technology Enabled Care) certification.

A key box or key safe with this certification will cost you between PS15 and PS100+. Prices vary widely and don’t necessarily reflect their physical security. The higher price doesn’t mean that the product is more secure. However, the higher the price is, the more features it has. By purchasing a certified key box or safe, you’re ensuring the security of your important items. And, if you’re looking for a high-quality model, you should opt for an affordable one with a POM rating.

Another reason to look for a key safe that has an ISO rating is that it meets strict physical attack standards. Without ISO certification, you can’t be sure that it meets these standards. Therefore, you should look for at least one badge of approval before you make your purchase. In addition to the LPCB certification, you should look for the manufacturer’s ISO accreditation. This means that the product has undergone multiple testings and has passed the highest standard.

A quality key safe is a necessity for any company. A key safe with an LPS1175 certification has the highest level of security, and is highly recommended by law enforcement. Choosing a product with an LPCB certification is a good choice. The LPCB has rigorous criteria for key safes, and it’s important to choose one that meets these requirements. You’ll have a peace of mind knowing that the product you purchase is a quality product.

Choosing a key safe with an LPCB certification means you’re buying a product that meets the standards of the LPS1175 standard. In addition, the manufacturer must have an ISO-certified factory. This means that it has been tested for weaknesses and passed a series of tests. Its manufacturing facility must also be independently assessed according to LPS1175: Issue 8A5. When a key safe has an ISO certification, it’s a great choice for your business.