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Did you know that college students can expect to spend around $1,240 on textbooks and supplies for a single year? Along with tuition, boarding, fees, and transportation, the cost of textbooks is unaffordable for many people.

Whether you are struggling to afford college or you want to be a financially smart student, you should consider purchasing used textbooks instead of new ones. Used textbooks have the same information for half the cost of new textbooks.

What are the benefits of buying used college textbooks over new books? Keep reading to find out!

Save Money

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing used textbooks over new college textbooks is to save money. The average price of a new college textbook is around $80 per book, while used books average $51.

While the amount of money you can save will vary, you will save money by purchasing used textbooks almost every time. To find affordable textbooks, shop around before you buy.

To save more money, ask your professor if you can use an older version of the textbook. If they say no, be sure to check for the exact ISBN before you buy.

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Take Advantage of Notes and Highlighting

One of the best things about used textbooks is that they come with notes and highlighting. Because someone else used the book for a course, you may get lucky and score a book with helpful notes and tips.

Finding a book with notes and highlighting can make the class easier, improve your grades, and help you prepare for exams.

Better for the Environment

Did you know that around 626,000 pounds of paper are made each year to produce textbooks? Another benefit of buying used textbooks is that they are better for the environment.

Using textbooks a second time is a form of recycling. You can even resell your textbooks once so that others can use them. Re-using textbooks saves tons of paper, trees, and energy.

Similar Resell Value

Do you plan on reselling your textbooks? If so, used textbooks are the best college textbooks for you.

When you resell new books, they are no longer new once you have used them. That means that you are likely to get the same amount of money whether you sell a used or new college textbook.

If you are lucky, you can sell your used textbook for the same amount that you bought it for. The resell value will depend on the types of used books you have and the condition of the books.

Are You Ready to Buy Used College Textbooks?

If you are currently in college or plan on going soon, you should buy used college textbooks instead of new ones. This can save you money, improve your grades, is better for the environment, and they have a similar resell value.

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By Sambit