Whether you use trading cards to play games with friends, trade them between fellow collectors, or display them as beloved memorabilia, your cards will likely show wear over time. Card sleeves can help prevent damage and keep your valuable investments in good condition. Inner sleeves fit inside standard sleeves (sleeve-within-sleeve) to protect your cards from dust and other small particles that enter regular sleeves through the top opening. These sleeves come in various colors and are a great option for 360-degree protection.

Protects from Damage

Whether playing trading card games for fun or serious competition, you should protect your cards with sleeves to avoid damage. Leaving your cards raw (unprotected) makes them more susceptible to scratches, tears, and bending. Every shuffle of an unprotected deck can cause small amounts of damage to your cards. Over time, this will add up. Likewise, leaving them in an attic or basement can expose them to humidity and other conditions that could damage them. To protect your cards, look for sleeves with a resealable flap. These are great for a double layer of protection against dust and other problems. Card skeeves fit and seals your cards snugly. They also provide a non-glare front and a matte back that protects your cards from fingerprints and further damage.

Prevents Damage

Card sleeves are the first defense against the normal wear and tear that can affect a trading card. They help protect cards from scratches, dust and moisture while providing a barrier between them and your hands — especially when shuffling or dealing. Many players choose to double-sleeve their cards, which involves putting a standard outer sleeve into an inner sleeve. This helps to provide even more protection, as four edges of plastic protect your card from dirt and moisture, as well as the natural oils that can damage a card. Card sleeves are important if you plan to keep your cards long-term. PVC can release acids that will damage and fade your cards over time, so you must ensure that any sleeves you use are free of this chemical.

Prevents Scratches

When it comes to valuable cards, even a small scratch can dramatically impact their value. Sleeves can help prevent scratches by protecting the card from direct contact with other cards or surfaces. It also contains the card from getting damaged by sharp objects. When choosing sleeves, it’s important to select ones that are PVC-free. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, contains acids that can damage your cards over time. It’s also recommended to choose matte sleeves rather than glossy, as glossy sleeves are susceptible to fingerprint smudges and glare from overhead lights.

Many players prefer to double-sleeve their cards, placing them in a smaller inner sleeve before inserting them into a standard outer sleeve. This provides additional protection against dust, dirt, and moisture.

Prevents Dust

While sleeves are a great way to protect your cards, a playmat is also best. This prevents your cards from picking up any gunk from the table that can damage them.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that dust and dirt can cause a lot of problems. They can cause your cards to become brittle and disintegrate over time.

To help prevent this from happening, you can use a microfiber cloth and some rubbing alcohol to wipe your card sleeves down. Just make sure to swab the entire surface of the sleeves. If you have any particularly dirty sleeves, soak them in water to ensure they are clean and dry before using them again. This will prevent any accidental marks or stains on your valuable cards.

By Sambit