bongs and hookah

Chances are you’ve seen hookah becoming a popular trend today. In recent years, hookah bars have popped up across various countries, making it a fun place to hang out, chat with friends, and smoke. However, there are other smoking methods that people prefer over hookah when it comes to producing the best high and the smoothest hit. What is the major difference between Bongs and Hookah.

Even so, people have their own preferences when it comes to their marihuana consumption. Let’s see the comparison between two people smoking methods on the market today that can influence your decision as to which one you want to try for your net smoking experience.

Keep in mind that each one of these smoking methods should only be attempted by those who feel comfortable setting up the accessories and consuming marijuana by themselves. Visit site and get a group of friends to ensure everyone has the best and safest experience possible!

Bong vs. hookah

The main difference between these two smoking methods is that a hookah is a water pipe, and a bong is a bigger device that is much bigger than a pipe. A bong can be used to consume various substances, such as tobacco, cannabis, or other drugs. 


A hookah is a multi or single-stemmed instrument that vaporizes tobacco by heating the flower. In other instances, people can use cannabis or hashish, smoking the vapor through a glass tube by way of a long pipe and a small mouthpiece. 

When smoking hookah compared to other accessories, this has become a socially acceptable way to smoke cannabis or other herbal ingredients while out in public. However, the health effects include exposure to toxic chemicals since the poisonous particles are not filtered out of the water during the vaporization process. 


In comparison to hookah, a bong is a filtration device that is typically used by marihuana consumers. The gas in the bong moves from the lower port of the bowl to the upper port of the accessory, helping you inhale the vapor and suck in a smooth and strong high.

Although the two look similar in appearance and construction, the bong is smaller and more portable. Since a bong can be made from any vessel by adding a bowl for holding the water, and a stem for guiding the air, it can be more flexible and versatile to use in various scenarios. 

To get fresh air in the bong during the smoking process, you need to find the hole on the apparatus, known as the carb, choke, or rush. This hotel is usually on the lower part of the bong above the water level – ensure this hole is kept covered during the smoking process to ensure the smoke is collected in the stem before inhalation. 

The main benefits of using a bong include:

  • Strong and smooth hit
  • Intense and long-lasting high
  • Filtration of toxic chemicals 


When comparing hookah vs. bong, you need to consider the different smoking methods to see which one you will like better. Although hookahs are more popular for smoking in public at cafes and bars, bongs can produce a more potent high when consuming marihuana.