Guidelines for Construction Contractors

It is no secret that working construction is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. With so many moving parts, heavy machinery, and busy job sites, construction projects are much more accident-prone than traditional places of work. Some accidents may be more severe than others, and no matter what you do, there is always a chance that it can all go wrong. Even the most prepared job sites can become dangerous. That is why it is essential to follow safety guidelines  for construction contractors as closely as possible.  

As a licensed general contractor, it is your duty to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. If someone were to get injured on the job site, it is the contractor that becomes liable. Here are the best ways to ensure a safe and smooth construction site. 

Update Your Training

As a general contractor, it is your responsibility to be aware of the latest trends and regulations. That is why it is essential for contractors to continue taking classes well after getting their contractor’s licenses. Safety practices and protocols are constantly changing and adapting to new technologies and machinery, so being up to date helps ensure the job site’s safety. 

Wear the Correct Clothing

Sometimes the proper clothing is not a top priority for contractors and workers alike. However, wearing appropriate clothing is one of the best ways to ensure worker safety. Bright vests make it easy for workers to see each other, while steel toe boots, helmets, safety glasses, and gloves help protect the body from falling debris and other worksite hazards. 

Limit Work Area Crowding

Having too many workers in the same space is a recipe for disaster. The more people in a small area, the more likely someone is going to get injured. This is especially true when working with heavy machinery such as backhoes and bulldozers, as workers can get in the way and risk being run over. The best thing to do to prevent injury is clear unneeded workers to complete the job without risking an accident. 

Watch the Weather

Outside conditions can play a huge role in construction job site safety. Hazardous weather conditions can lead to injury for even the most experienced workers. If it is raining or heavy winds are present, it is crucial to operate machinery with extreme caution. If weather conditions are really bad, it is better to call off work and be a day behind than to risk an injury or an accident

Have a Clean Work Environment

One of the biggest causes of accidental injury in construction is an unclean work site. Dirt, debris, and broken material can be devastating to any job site and cause severe injury. It is vital to clean up everything from spilled waste to broken tools and live wires. 

Ladder Safety

There are few things more important than proper ladder etiquette. According to OSHA, ladder safety is essential for any safe construction site.  Improper use of ladders can lead to workers falling, resulting in serious injuries and even death. 

Be Careful Lifting Heavy Objects

From heavy tools, material, stone, and lumber, construction workers lift heavy objects on a daily basis. Not using the correct form while lifting can result in slipped discs, joint pain, and shoulder and neck injuries. Workers should always bend with their knees while lifting a heavy object and avoid twisting the body. These techniques may seem simple and obvious, but lifting properly can prevent severe injuries. 

Communication is Key

It is always best for workers in large jobs sites to have a way to communicate with managers and other workers. Radios and walkie-talkies are a great way to call for help in case of an injury, and having a direct form of communication allows contractors and safety officers to move quickly. 

More Than Injury Prevention

Following these Guidelines for Construction Contractors not only ensure a safe work environment but also prevent issues like insurance hikes and injury lawsuits.