The AirPods Pro is incredibly well-liked and often regarded as some of the best headphones available. AirPods Pro, the first wireless earbuds from Apple to have active noise cancellation, help you tune out the world around you so you can concentrate on your music or work. The Active Noise cancellation feature of the Airpod Pro is extremely useful, yet many customers are still unaware of its full potential. You must be wondering about how to turn off noise cancellation on AirPods.

We will try to find the answer to how to turn off noise cancellation on AirPods here. When you’re using your AirPods Pro, you may turn on the noise cancellation feature to lessen the impact of outside noise. With this setting activated, external sounds will be significantly muted. To cancel out ambient noise, the AirPods use an external microphone to detect and analyze the soundscape around you and then generate matching tones on the internal speaker.  The inward-facing microphone detects and dampens stray sounds from within, blocking them before they reach your ears. Both the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max include active noise cancellation. This function is not available on the base model of AirPods.

how to turn off noise cancellation on airpods

Use the AirPods’ force sensor to toggle noise cancellation on and off

Here are the steps you need to take to toggle between noise cancellation and transparency mode on your AirPods by using the built-in force touch sensors in the stem.

  1. Be sure to sync your AirPods Pro with your iPhone.
  2. To activate the tap-to-play feature, press and hold the force sensor located on one of the AirPods’ charging stems for several seconds.
  3. A chime will now sound to let you know that you’ve switched from Transparency mode to Noise Cancellation on your AirPods.
  4. Simply repeat the steps above to disable noise suppression on your AirPods pro.
  5. AirPods Pro’s noise cancellation may be toggled on and off via the app’s settings.
  6. The iPhone/control iPad’s center is also where you can toggle Noise Cancellation on and off.
  7.  Noise cancellation on AirPods Pro can be activated from the Settings menu.
  8. Link your Pro AirPods to your iPhone.
  9. On an iPhone, access the settings by swiping down from the upper right corner of the screen.
  10. If you tap and hold the volume button, it will enlarge.
  11. Use the “Noise Cancellation” button.

The above is an appropriate answer to how to turn off noise cancellation on AirPods.

Using the AirPods Pro’s settings menu to activate noise cancellation

  1. Back in the main menu, choose “Off” to deactivate Noise Cancellation.
  2. Adjust the AirPods Pro’s noise cancellation settings to activate or deactivate the feature.
  3. The AirPods Pro settings menu offers another option for turning on the device’s noise-canceling feature.
  4. Activate the AirPods Pro’s noise-canceling features in the app’s settings menu.
  5. Open the Bluetooth menu in the preferences.
  6. To view more details about your paired AirPods Pro, tap the corresponding info icon.
  7. Within Noise Control, click the “Noise Cancellation” button.
  8. In the AirPods Pro’s configuration menu, silence can be embraced by clicking the “Noise Cancellation” button.
  9. Once you turn on Noise Cancellation, your AirPods Pro should begin isolating you from most background noise. When you’re ready to stop using this function, head back into Bluetooth Settings and select “Off.”

The above is one of the best answers to how to turn off noise cancellation on AirPods.

how to turn off noise cancellation on airpods

Turn on noise cancellation on your Android-powered AirPods Pro.

This section will assist you with activating Noise Cancelling on AirPods on Android if you are using them with an Android-powered smartphone. You may use the AirPods Pro Stem to activate noise cancellation on AirPods Pro for Android.

  1. A force sensor is located on the AirPods’ charging stem. Press and hold this button.
  2. Wait until you hear a small chime before taking your hand off the sensor. You can now block out ambient noise with your AirPods Pro.

If you wish to turn off noise canceling when using AirPods Pro on Android, simply repeat the procedures outlined above. The above-mentioned methods are all possible answers to how to turn off noise cancellation on AirPods.

How to Enable Noise Cancellation on AirPods when Using a Laptop?

This post will show you how to activate Noise Cancelling on AirPods Pro on a PC and MacBook if you’re listening to them through a laptop.

For Mac:

There is no Control Center on a Mac, therefore turning on and off Noise Cancelling on AirPods on a Mac is done differently than on an iPhone. Still, learning how to activate noise cancellation on AirPods Pro while using a Mac is a simple process.

The quickest way to enable it is by clicking the volume icon in Mac’s menu bar. Once you’ve synced your AirPods with your Mac, go to the volume menu and choose your AirPods Pro from the drop-down menu. You should be presented with three choices: Off, Noise Cancellation, and Transparency. The Mac has a noise cancellation button; click it to use it. You can disable it by selecting the “Off” button.

how to turn off noise cancellation on airpods

After pairing your AirPods Pro with your Mac, head to Bluetooth in System Preferences.

To change the settings for your paired AirPods Pro, go to the “Option” menu and choose your headphones.

For Mac OS X-2

From the “Noise Control Toggles Between” drop-down menu, choose “Noise Cancellation,” and then click “Done.” “.

By pressing and holding the force sensor, the AirPods Pro’s Noise Cancellation feature can be rapidly activated or deactivated.

For Windows:

The same method for activating Noise Cancellation on AirPods Pro for Android also works if you have your AirPods linked to a Windows PC. Hold down the force sensor on an AirPod’s stem for an extended period. The noise cancellation option is activated when a low-pitched chime enters your ear.

Final Words

We have seen above the possible answers to how to turn off noise cancellation on AirPods. The problem with your AirPods’ noise cancellation could be the result of a glitch in your iPhone’s software. True wireless headphones, AirPods are powered by the iOS on your iPhone. The above-mentioned solutions can help you to sort out the problem.

By Swati