Deepak Kumar Arya who is founder of Asktohow and Hostinr is recently published a new book with name Life Divider.

This book has been created so that you take the most important step of your life by thinking so that you should never think ahead and think that I have come in the wrong way. It is difficult, but I will put some Facts and Journey in front of you so that you can take an easy decision. This book is mostly focused on startups to help you start your Start-up.

Who Should Read This Book?

The person who is worried about his life, who cannot understand whether the job is right for him or the startup. If the startup is the right way then start from where and how to show your idea in front of the whole world.

How to Use This Book?

If you want to know which way is right for you, then you should read this book completely, so that you can understand how the difference between job and startup life. But if you are just focused on Start-up then you can go to the context page of this book and read it Chapter-wise as per your interest.

We all want to be famous, but we also know that it is not so easy. Many times in life we ​​have to make some hard decisions and we also know that our life can change completely on one decision. And it is not necessary that you take every decision of your life yourself, some decisions are also taken by your family. Like your name, which school you will go to, even your family sometimes thinks about what you will become. But it is up to you to decide what you want to become. That’s a tough question for everyone.

This does not happen with everyone. Some children are clear about their life, they know what to do and how they can reach their destination.

The purpose of the LIFE DIVIDER book is that I will help you in selecting your life’s journey, however, the decision will be yours but I will tell some facts and about my life, how I started my startup which will help you in choose your right path.

Book is available on Google Books and Amazon


By asktohow

Owner of Asktohow