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Dentistry is a booming business. From tending to root canals to whitening one’s teeth, dental health is in high demand. But what if you were an independent practice? Wouldn’t you want prospective patients to come to your practice? In order to stay competitive in the dental industry, you’ll need to have an online or social media presence. It is no longer just for a certain generation or target market that being online is beneficial. In fact, having an online presence is important to grow and maintain your customer base, and ensure that your reputation stays stellar by a Dental Blog. 

Believe it or not, blogs are still a thing in this tech-savvy world. According to Semrush, out of the 500+ million blogs on the Internet, over 409 million people view a lot of pages from said blogs. So, you see, you can still garner attention from your intended audience with a blog.

Starting a dental blog for your practice is a great way to stay on the map, grab the attention of new customers, and keep up the good reviews. With that said, here are our top tips for setting up your dental practice’s new blog: 


1: Remember: You’re The Expert

First, recognize yourself as an authority in dentistry. You don’t just have a dental practice for the fun of it; it is because the people that work within your walls know what they are talking about. 

Plus, why do you want people to come to your practice? When you give reasons as to why your dental practice is more effective than other places, you’re establishing yourself as an authority. When you explain your methods and talk about the different diagnoses, people see you as an authority.

So, do some research, tug on your years of study and experience, and write up some posts that people can use to stay informed on their dentistry.


2: Be Relatable

Why do you think most blogs and websites have frequently asked questions and messaging pages where customers can talk to experts? People want information that will benefit them in the day to day. As interesting as the science behind how teeth work may be, people would rather read about which toothpaste will help keep their teeth and gums in better health. 

So, you may want to think about any frequently-asked questions that patients might have. Put yourself in the patient’s shoes. What are some of the fears and concerns that people might have when going to the dentist? What kind of dental issues do people suffer from? How can you ensure that you can make the dentist visit the most friendly and comfortable as possible?

Needless to say, be relatable, or no one will read your blog. 


3: Be Presentable

Next, it is important that you choose the person who writes your dental practice’s blog when you start one up. The reason why is because your decision should not be based on who has the most knowledge or information. Rather, you’re looking for someone who not only has the writing prowess, but also working knowledge of dentistry.

Essentially, the person who writes your blog posts should be able to gather information from the intelligent and knowledgeable people on certain subjects, but then most importantly; be able to tie it all together with a bow. 

“They should have an informative but relatable tone in the way they choose to write the blogs. If you have someone within your dental practice that already has these skills; amazing,” says Tim Arman, an editor at  UKWritings. However, if not, don’t shy away from outsourcing some of this work on freelancing websites to get the best results for your blog. 


4: Take Search Engine Optimization into Account

Now, the Internet can be very complex, especially when it comes to getting your dental blog out there. Search engines like Google are now relying on ever-changing algorithms to weed out irrelevant information, and knock down less popular content. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

SEO is crucial when choosing to post anything online, but especially when it comes to blogs. As mentioned, the online world is built upon algorithms and structured around helping people find exactly what they want through a few words in a search bar. 

With that said, you’ll need to seat yourself in the mind of a prospective client:

  • What are they looking for in a dentist?
  • What tooth problems might they have?
  • What kind of advice do they seek?

Do some research online before you write your blog. Before you decide on a name for the blog and your subsequent posts, make sure that you are targeting your blog towards the following: 

  • People who are in your area, 
  • Your target market of consumers, and 
  • Who are generally interested in the information you are putting out there

It’s great if your blog turns up on lots of people’s screens; but if no one clicks on it, all your effort will be for naught. 


5: Post, Post, Post!

Now that you have taken all of our helpful advice into careful consideration, it is time to post on your blog, and share it all around! 

Consistent and reliable posting is so crucial to running a successful blog, because people will keep coming back if they know that you are always going to have new content. 

It’s like if you visited a store 6 times a year, and they always had the same clothes. You’d stop going once you’d seen everything, right? That’s exactly the same principle with blogs.

Finally, if you have social media, don’t forget to share to grow your audience! You’ll be amazed to see how many people are on social media right now! Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, the works!

Just keep in mind: Consistency is still key, whether you share your dental blog to social media or not. Also, keep your social media posts as professional and attractive as possible. The last thing you want is to treat your social media like a dumpster by putting out half-baked content. The same is true for the blog!


BONUS: Consider These Topics To Get Started!

So now, you have the ideas, but now what? Yep, now comes the “writing” part. This is hard for many people, because how does one write well? 

In the dentist industry, you’ll need to sell your practice. Consider these topics:

  • A topic on dentistry (i.e. the profession, common tooth problems, etc.)
  • Solutions and ideas for better dental health
  • Tips on visiting the dentist, etc.

Topics like these are great icebreakers to get the ball rolling on your blog. These topics can serve as catalysts on what to talk about next!


Sometimes, people can think that starting a new venture like a blog is difficult and time-consuming. However, if you make the right decisions at the beginning of a new venture, it doesn’t have to be that way. Who knows, you might just enjoy every second of it. 

That should be the attitude that you should have when writing a dental blog to go along with your practice. By following the above tips in this guide, you’ll soon have a blog that will entice prospective patients to give your practice a chance in this ever-growing industry.

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