Your Baby Wipes

There are many essential items you need when you have a baby. In fact, many parents have a go-to diaper bag with all the baby essentials within. This includes diapers, baby formula, toys and of course baby wipes.

 You never know when your little one will need a diaper change, but the last thing you want to happen is to be stuck without baby wipes to clean them up. The good news is that there are plenty of different ones that you can purchase, all with their different benefits. But it is important to do your research up front and know which ones will really help you get the most out of each wipe.

 Back in the day, parents had to actually re-use pieces of cloth or old rags around the home to help clean up their babies when changing their diapers. This of course would get very tedious. They would have to wash the same cloth after every single diaper change and the whole process would take a very long time.

 So it is no surprise that once disposable baby wipes came onto the market parents went absolutely crazy for them. They not only had a much easier and more convenient way to change their baby’s diapers daily but did not have to waste unnecessary time cleaning the same old cloth or rag every day too.

 A funny fact is that while baby wipes came into the consumer market in the 1950s, it was not until the 1980s that they were officially branded as “baby wipes”. Now, you can find baby wipes nearly everywhere you go. And thank goodness for that.

 But we also get that as parents it can be challenging to pick out the right baby items, including baby wipes. That is why we have done the hard yards and rounded up all the things to consider when it comes to finding the best baby wipes on the market. From how the baby wipes impact your baby’s skin to your own sanity, there are lots of factors to consider.


1. Always Go For Unscented Wipes

We get it, baby diapers can be smelly. We don’t blame you if you hold your breath sometimes when changing diapers. But you do not want to get scented ones, especially if your baby’s skin is extra sensitive. While tempting, you will likely cause them to get a rash instead and will end up with a very unhappy baby. So to make sure you are really getting the most out of your , try to select ones that are fragrance-free. That way your baby will be happy, your baby’s skin will be happy and you will be happy.


2. Quality Over Quantity in Ingredients

A fun fact when it comes to those—the majority should be made out of water. In fact, the ones should be largely comprised of water only. You do not need to get those that have a ton of ingredients in them. In fact, water alone can go a really long way in cleaning up that mess and soothing sensitive skin. The only other ingredients that you really want in your baby wipes would be vitamin E, citric acid, glycerin and sodium. But if it has largely just water that is all you really need.


3. Helps More Than Just You and Your Baby

What’s better than baby wipes that help you and your baby? Wipes that also help the planet! Our fragile world needs consumers to make smart purchases that help leave the planet in a better state. And did you know that with the right baby wipes, you can ensure that planet earth is saved for the next generations? This is because the best baby wipes are made with plant-friendly fibers that can actually decompose faster than many fruits like an apple can. Talk about getting a ton of value out of one wipe. Plus, the best baby wipes do not have any plastic in them either, leaving everyone better off because of it.


4. Looks After Your Sanity

While you love your baby, we can pretty much guarantee you do not love changing diapers and cleaning up poopy messes. However, the best baby wipes go a long way in protecting your hands and thus your sanity as well. Choosing it that are thicker and larger than the rest is great because it means you get extra protection without having to use more and them. If you can use baby wipes that help avoid getting your hands dirty, that goes a long way in our book.



So there are baby wipes out there that actually help you get the most out of every single wipe. From a larger and more absorbent design to fabrics that help the product decompose after use, you can confidently purchase this item knowing you are leaving everyone better off.