Wearing comfortable clothes to work can improve your mood, reduce stress and increase your confidence as you go about your day. If you work in a healthcare setting, wearing the right nurse scrubs, like comfortable scrub tops, can make a difference in how you care for patients and perform your daily tasks. Finding the right work clothes, particularly scrubs for women, means looking for items that fit, allow you to move freely and keep you at a comfortable temperature during your shift. Make yourself more comfortable at work by following these simple tips when looking for work clothes or scrubs. 

Layer Your Clothing

Many workplaces keep temperatures low for a reason. Hospitals, for example, are kept cold to combat bacteria, viral growth and infection. If you know your office or work environment is consistently chilly, plan ahead by layering your clothing for your shift. Bring a comfortable, work-appropriate sweater, vest or jacket to your job or wear a thermal long-sleeved shirt underneath your regular scrubs for extra warmth. 

Layering your clothing will keep you warm and comfortable and serve a functional purpose. Many zip-front jackets and vests have ample pocket space for writing utensils, medical instruments and reminders. By layering your scrubs, you can adjust your wardrobe to keep a comfortable temperature in different areas of your facility or office.  

Buy Clothes That Fit

Buying clothes or scrubs that fit can help you stay comfortable while on the job. Wearing skin-tight clothes can affect your breathing and range of motion and, in some cases, be inappropriate for your position. Baggy clothes can cause you to trip or catch on devices or patient beds and can give an unprofessional, unkempt look. You can find scrubs for women that offer functionality without compromising style or fit. Look for scrub tops that naturally taper in the waist and aren’t too tight in the arms. Use the sizing guide when purchasing scrubs, as sizes vary between sellers. When you find a fit you love, order the style in various colors so you’ll always have a comfortable pair on hand. 

Choose Elastic Waistbands

Most modern scrub bottoms have built-in elasticity at the waistline to keep healthcare workers comfortable. These waistbands are comfortable and practical, allowing you to bend, twist and move around easily. These bottoms let you tend to your patients instead of adjusting or retying your pants. 

Elastic waistbands are ideal if you plan to tuck in your scrub top. One quick motion, and your shirt will stay comfortably and securely in place all day, without billowing or getting in the way when you’re trying to take vital signs. Additionally, an elastic waistband gives you leeway if your weight changes without necessitating you to buy a new scrub wardrobe. 


Wear Clothes That Allow for a Range of Motion

Having a full range of motion is critical in many professions, particularly in the healthcare field. Your daily tasks involve taking vitals, drawing blood, moving patients from one bed to another, and wheeling patients to different locations. These actions can take a toll on your comfort if you aren’t wearing clothes that allow you to move. 


Critical to your full range of motion are your arms. When choosing scrubs, ensure you can comfortably move your shoulders and arms. Scrubs that feel constricting will make your everyday duties far more frustrating and uncomfortable. Also, wear scrub bottoms that allow you to bend over or kneel without feeling too tight or hindering your movements. 

Soft Fabrics That Feel Comfortable on Your Skin

Soft fabrics are essential if you want to feel comfortable at work. Emphasizing comfort is a form of self-care, and caring for yourself can help you be a better nurse or healthcare worker. To take care of your skin and stay comfortable, look for clothes made of cotton, cotton blends, polyester, rayon or spandex. Most scrub brands blend two or more of these materials to offer high comfort and durability at a lower price point. 

As a synthetic material, a polyester-spandex blend is the most durable, wrinkle-resistant and stain-resistant option for scrubs. Strong, lightweight spandex adds stretchability to nurse scrubs, giving you a full range of motion while keeping you comfortable in both feel and temperature. 


Don Supportive Footwear

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, wearing supportive footwear is crucial. When selecting supportive footwear, focus on the fit of the shoe. Your shoes should hug your feet snugly but not feel too tight on the sides or toes. Too-tight shoes can make you unstable on your feet and cause blisters or aggravate foot conditions or structural problems. 

To prevent falling, look for shoes with a non-slip sole, wide toe box and stiff sole. Protect your natural arch with padded insteps if needed. You may also wish to choose shoes that are easy to clean; those who work one-on-one with patients may find that their shoes quickly pick up stains. When shopping for footwear, you’ll want to try on each potential pair of shoes before settling. 

Wear the Right Undergarments

Wearing cozy and cute scrubs can help you stay relaxed at work,  but if you put on the wrong undergarments, you may still feel uncomfortable. Stick with simple cotton bras and underwear to avoid discomfort when caring for patients or handling administrative tasks. Steer clear of underwear that needs adjusting or made from itchy or sweat-inducing material like polyester. Also, avoid delicate fabrics like silk, as they may not hold up to the daily activities required by your healthcare job. The same idea applies to bras as well. Leave your bedazzled and underwire bras in the closet to be more comfortable at work. Choose a classic soft cotton bra that you can wear and which will hold up to constant movement. 

Enjoy Working in Comfort 

Prioritizing your comfort at work can help you stay productive and provide better care for your clients or patients. By maintaining a comfortable temperature with layers, opting for supportive footwear and choosing scrubs that fit well, you can enjoy your job and perform to the best of your abilities. 


By varsha