Oracle always encourages migrating the existing cloud resources to oracle cloud infrastructure. There are many benefits of doing so. In the Oracle Cloud, you can store resources in specific regions that are localized for geographic locations. Oracle Cloud is a modern platform based on the latest cloud technologies as well as standards. It offers consistent performance along with better features at a lesser price. 

Oracle is constantly investing in cloud infrastructures, such as the addition of new services, regions, and features. You can benefit from additional features while migrating the cloud resources to oracle cloud infrastructure. 

Scope Of Migration

Before migrating to oracle cloud, it is crucial to consider the scope and constraints of the migration path. The restrictions are to be considered at the oracle integration classic level and individual integrations, processes, and visual builder levels. 

Reasons to Move to Oracle Cloud

  • Next-generation cloud infrastructure

Oracle’s cloud is built from the foundation of a first-generation cloud infrastructure. It delivers an intelligent and self-governing solution to take care of complex and demanding workloads. It offers higher performance computing as well as network performance with the help of the latest generation hardware, which promises maximum performance. In addition to that, it offers scalability for cloud-native with a combination of oracle’s autonomous services and security. It is available in both data centres and the public cloud.

  • Autonomous Operations

Oracle’s next-generation cloud is built for running the world’s only autonomous database with the help of autonomous services, which offer newer efficiencies for data management, better performance, security, and low cost. The Oracle autonomous database runs on oracle cloud infrastructure along with offering workload-optimized cloud services. With the autonomous database, Oracle can manage tasks such as provisioning, configuring, tuning, scaling, patching, encrypting of the database, etc. The self-driving system of oracle helps in reducing manual tasks and errors, thereby increasing system reliability along with operational efficiency. 

  • Optimized for Oracle workloads

Oracle cloud infrastructure offers diversified services for migration, provisioning, and management for major oracle apps such as oracle e-business suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards. Oracle cloud infrastructure optimizes analytics and transaction processing workloads for autonomous databases. It enables customers to connect multiple data sources bringing together key data for making informed business decisions. 

  • Price performance

Oracle infrastructure offers high performance at a lower cost and easy cloud migration for existing on-premises applications. 

  • Security

Security is the key aspect of oracle’s cloud infrastructure. It offers features such as customer isolation, data security, internal-threat detection, and automated threat remediation. It makes sure that your personal data is protected from other users. It separates code, data, and resources from management machines. Oracle cloud has a limited attack surface along with layers of defence with built-in firewalls. In fact, Oracle has the broadest portfolio of security services for cloud and on-premises solutions. 

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