A Sewer Leak

A sewer leak in your yard is your responsibility. In fact, the sewer pipe is your responsibility until it connects to the main drain. That means you are going to need to locate the leak and stop it. If you are wondering whether to bother then consider the fact that raw sewage carries harmful bacteria and you are allowing it into your yard. In addition, a leak is more likely to cause a clog in the line, giving you problems with slow drains and sewage backing up.

Confirming You Have A Leak

The most obvious sign that you have a leak is when you can smell rotten eggs in your yard. The aroma will be present all the time and be stronger near the leak. This gas is created by the sewage and is the reason you have a water trap below each appliance. 

Alongside this, you are likely to notice the grass is greener and healthier in one spot, that’s because it is feeding off the sewage.

Locating The leak

The aroma and green grass should help you to pinpoint the approximate location of the sewer leak. You’ll now want to find a sewer camera for sale and insert it into your pipes. This will help in two ways:

  1. Help Locate the leak

The most obvious thing a sewer camera will do is help you see the leak from inside the pipe. This means you can calculate exactly where it is in your yard. This information is helpful when you repair the sewer leak.

        2. Show You the Damage

The second benefit of a sewer camera is that you can see the damage. There is a big difference between a small hole or crack in the pipe and a large broken section, perhaps due to a tree root. 

This can also help you to decide which repair option is better.

The balloon

The easiest approach to repairing a sewer pipe is to insert a deflated balloon-like device into the pipe. You slide it to where the hole is and inflate it, sealing it into place.

The balloon will prevent any more waste from coming out of the sewer pipe at that spot. It’s easy and doesn’t make a lot of mess.

Dig It up

If the balloon doesn’t work, the damage is too big, or you are concerned regarding the age of the pipes, you are going to need to dig up the damaged section and replace it. 

This is as straightforward as it sounds, you’ll want to dig a large hole around the holed pipe. This gives you room to cut the pipe on each side of the damaged section and then insert a new piece of pipe. 

You should note it can be difficult slotting in a new piece. 

This method is disruptive and hard work. But, if the damage is severe or the pipes are old, it is the best way of ensuring the problem is resolved for good.

You can then monitor the inside of your pipes with your sewer camera.