If you find your Instagram overwhelmed with irrelevant data, you have to look for ways to clean it. Luckily, you have several steps to clean Instagram, as we have discussed in our blog post.

Unfollow Accounts, which You Interact Rarely 

Many times, you follow a relatively large number of accounts than you have to do. While scrolling through junk accounts to view your interests is simply a waste of valuable time. Hence, to start to Clean Instagram, you have to start unfollowing such accounts.

Steps to Clean Instagram
Steps to Clean Instagram

Steps to Unfollow Rarely Interacted Accounts

To help you, Instagram displays accounts with which you interact rarely.

Only, you have to tap the Profile icon of Instagram to view your profile.

After that, you have to tap on ‘Following’ to get a list of your followers.

You will get Categories at the top of the entire list, where you find Most Shown and Least Interacted Users.

The lists will highlight the ones whose posts you hardly comment on or like. Simultaneously, you come to know the accounts or users, which fill up the feed.

Delete or At Least Archive Old Posts

You will feel enough confident by representing your Instagram profile page well. In this situation, you have to look at your page and delete or archive a few of your photos. You may upload any low-quality picture before many years or any image that reflects on you poorly. Removing such media content from your Instagram page allows you to display your strong content only.

Steps to Delete Photo/Photos

To delete a photo, you have to select it on the profile page.

Hit the Menu button showing three dots in the top right corner of your post.

Go with the option of Delete and confirm it


Doing this activity will delete your photo and other related information without any option for its recovery. Hence, you have to make sure of your activity before deleting any post.


Steps to Archive Your Photos or Videos

Alternatively, you may archive your photos and videos. When you archive your post-containing photos or videos, it disappears from your public Instagram profile. However, you may view the archived photos. You have to follow the mentioned steps to Archive your photos-

Tap the Menu button of your profile page and select Archive

Change the option of drop-down at the top of your profile page to find Posts Archive, where you may view your archived posts

On the other hand, you have to visit the Menu button next to the post you archive

After that, select Show on Profile for restoring it. In this way, you preserve each of your comments, likes, and other details you want.

Block or Restrict Toxic Instagram Users

If your Instagram profile has any severe problem with any user, you may use certain Instagram tools to restrict or block them easily.

Restrict an Instagram User

Restricting any user is a relatively less severe option. When you restrict an Instagram user, it becomes shadowbanned effectively. Comments of your restricted users are never highlighted publicly on your media content until you approve to do so. On the other hand, restricted people may not see you online or do not know whether you read their messages. Besides that, you cannot see any notification of such users’ comments.


Steps to Restrict Your Toxic Instagram User

If you want to restrict a user, you have to tap the Menu button and visit his or her profile.

Now, you have to select Restrict.

With only tap and select, you may restrict someone’s account without informing him or her.

Note- You must visit the same window if you want to reverse the entire process.

Blocking an Instagram User

Blocking is a relatively more serious option, as it prevents others to interact with your posts completely. You may block any of your Instagram followers by using the same menu as you use to restrict users. Instagram never notifies users while you block them. Moreover, if any of your blocked users visit your profile page, they find it empty.

Mute Posts and/or Stories, which You Do Not Care 

You may easily mute stories from other people you follow even without hiding their other regular posts. This option is perfect for users, who post several stories in a day and fill up the feed. On the other hand, you may mute posts of other users and keep their stories active.


Easy Steps to Mute Stories/Posts

You have to visit the profile of particular users to mute their contents from your account.

Tap on the box showing Following and select Mute from the displayed list.

You have to use sliders for muting Stories and/or Posts.

Note- Repeat the same steps to un-mute the same user.

When you choose to mute posts or stories of other users, their posts or stories will display at the end of a bar and never light up when the user updates it. Moreover, muted contents never play automatically. Muting a post indicates that you will not see it in the feed but continue to see it by simply using your profile.

Besides muting other stories, you may even prevent a few of your Instagram followers from seeing your stories. For this, you have to tap the Menu button by visiting your followers’ page and selecting Hide Your Story. Hence, the respective users may not view anything related to your story or post.

Clear the Explore Page

Instagram has its Explore page, by which you may find many new user accounts to follow. However, the page clutters with time because of irrelevant suggestions. Luckily, you may positively use the respective page. If you find anything that you do not like on the Instagram Explore Page, you should tap on it and hit the Menu button. Later, you have to select Not Interested. In this way, you will prevent the respective post to ‘Explore’ and get only a few ones similar to it in the future.


By un-following, blocking toxic people, clearing the explore page, and other relevant steps, you may clean up the Instagram data and boost your experience.

By Swati