Motorcycles are a bit smaller than trucks or other vehicles and have only two wheels. Motorcycles also do not enclose either the rider or the passenger in a reinforced box. These are some of the characteristics among others that make it a riskier affair to ride a motorcycle than a car. As compared to normal cars, motorcycle accidents are dangerous and more likely to cause deaths and serious injuries. Based on research, a motorist is 30 times more likely to die in an accident than a car driver. Although one could get help from a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorney to file charges if they were right, it is advisable to get involved in an accident. Here are some of the risks unique to motorcycles that you can try to avoid.

Less Visible than Cars

Motorcycles are much smaller in size compared to cars and can easily be concealed by any objects that are off the roads. On the other hand, cars are less likely to even see these objects because they are enclosed in a concealed metal box. If any is heading its way, it can easily be intersected by the metal barrier and prevent injuries to either the driver or passengers on board.

Road Hazards

Some things are absolutely no risk to cars or even cause the slightest of effects on them, but can be deadly to motorists. Even the smallest rough road surfaces, wet pavements, ditches, or small objects can crash a motorcycle. For instance, a small ditch that can comfortably pass through can be a huge cause for motorists to flip down if not careful enough. Some of the common hazards include edge breaks, expansion joints, animals, open bridge joints, and slick surfaces.

Lack of Barrier Between a Road and a Rider

Unlike a driver in a car, motorists have no protection from unprecedented events. They do not have containers made of metal to shield them. There are no seatbelts and most do not even know what airbags are. Although one can wear a helmet or other protective gear to offer some protection and those who don’t wear them suffer fatal injuries or death during an accident, it can never be compared to being inside a metal barrier like in cars.

Lack of Sufficient Stability

Motorcycles have two wheels that offer stability but are not enough to sustain a fall when the motorist loses control after hitting a ditch. Applying emergency brakes, one can swerve and get injured badly. However, a four-wheeled car offers enough stability to withstand most unexpected happenings. As a result of insufficient stability, motorcycles can be fatal at high speed and failed brakes.

Skill Levels

Some motorists have no experience riding motorcycles. Riding such a two-wheeled vehicle requires a lot of balance, skills, and experience to properly avoid any challenge. Unskilled riders account for a larger number of accidents in the world than any vehicle. According to reports, it is estimated that about 30% of motorcyclists who were killed in an accident did not possess a certified motorcycle license.

Recklessness and Risky Behaviors

Lighter and high-valued motorcycles, including sports and superbikes, can encourage a rider to speed up and accelerate fast or get involved in high-risk behaviors. As mentioned above, among the many accidents that have happened, motorcyclists were not licensed and hence lack the required experience to drive. These are some of the reckless and risky behaviors experienced that end up causing fatal accidents.

Fortunately, all these risks can be avoided if the right steps are taken to reduce the rate of accidents, including observing regulations, professional training, and being aware of road hazards to avoid them. Also, a motorist can avoid sharing a lane with cars. Motorists can also wear protective gear and helmets to reduce the risks of injuries from accidents.

By Sambit