businesses can prevent pests

 As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities. While the type of business you operate dictates what those responsibilities are, some obligations remain the same. For example, you must provide a safe, secure, and healthy environment for your employees and customers. This includes proper maintenance of the building and learning how to prevent pests. While there are ways to prevent pests from infesting your space, it is wise to call in an expert. Companies like Thorn Services offer commercial pest control to help mitigate any risks of damaging your business’s goods or harming your reputation as a professional and clean company.

Additionally, a pest infestation can cause damage to your building and possibly create serious health concerns. Just as importantly, no customer wants to enter a place swarming with bugs, mice, or other pests.

Along with calling in the professionals, keep reading for five simple steps in preventative pest control.

1. Keep Food Stored Properly

First, make sure any food you have on the property is stored in a sealed container. This is especially important for restaurants and other facilities that provide food and beverages.

Most pests can smell food from far away and are led to food sources. This includes mice, ants, cockroaches, and more. We recommend using plastic or metal containers with a locking seal to keep pests out.

2. Eliminate Water and Moisture Build-Up

If you have a pest problem, it might be because there is a water source attracting them to your building. This is one of the most common pest problems in commercial spaces.

If there is standing water near your building or inside your building, it could lead to a pest infestation. This could be a low point outside where rainwater collects or an area under a leaky faucet.

3. Seal Entry Points

One of the best tips to prevent pests is to mitigate their access into your building. This includes open windows without screens, holes, cracks, unsealed doorways, etc.

Inspect the interior and exterior of your building to identify any possible points of entry. Then, use the appropriate material to seal it off. This includes silicone, steel wool, weatherstripping, and more.

4. Minimize Clutter

Most pests need three major things to survive – food, water, and shelter. We’ve already talked about food and water. However, did you know that cluttered spaces can also attract pests?

The more clutter you have built up in your storage, the more protection you’re offering for pests like mice. They’ll feel safe and comfortable building homes and foraging about under the cover of clutter.

5. Take Care of Your Trash

Finally, learning how to prevent pests can be as simple as properly disposing of your waste. While we don’t see garbage as edible food, mice, rats, ants, and other pests won’t see the difference.

An open bag of garbage is like a buffet of free food that will attract pests of all kinds. We recommend using trash cans with lids. This is important inside and outside your business building.

Want to Prevent Pests in Your Business?

If you have a pest problem, your best bet is to call a pest control company. However, you’ll be much better off by incorporating the steps listed above to prevent pests. Educate your employees on these practices to make sure everyone’s doing their part.

And if you’re looking for more great tips, stick around for a while. Check out some of our other articles to find more valuable how-tos and tutorials. Our blog was designed to be a valuable source of information for readers like you.

By Sambit