Best VPNs (and dVPNs) When You Need to Change Netflix Region

Did you know that you can bypass Netflix restrictions and stream content from any part of the world? Yes, by just using a VPNs (and dVPNs) to change Netflix region, you can enjoy shows and movies that don’t make it past restrictions in your area.

However, the type of VPN that you choose matters in a great way. If you don’t choose the right one, you will end up bearing the cons. For instance, many people make the mistake of choosing a free VPN.

Disadvantages of Free VPNs

Here are some of the biggest flaws of using a free VPN to change Netflix region:

  • Netflix can detect weak VPNs – the kind of technology that Netflix employs nowadays is high. Therefore, identifying free VPNs is much easier now because most of them are weak. The technology from Netflix is so potent that even some of the paid VPNs quit offering their services to users. So, what about a free one? Free VPNs may not even have enough resources to bypass Netflix’s security wall.
  • Free VPNs sell user data – in order to recoup the lost funds they would have rather gotten from you, these sites opt to sell your data. And this may affect your privacy as an online user. Besides, they may also decide to bombard you with unending ads that disrupt your user experience while watching on Netflix.
  • They limit your bandwidth – what’s more annoying with these free VPNs is the way they manage your bandwidth. Yes, you can gain access to the restricted content that you wish to watch. But you won’t watch much of it anyway. You see, videos take a lot of bandwidth. And when you’re working under a limited bandwidth, then it means that you might not complete your favorite jaw-dropping show. And what even is the point of starting to watch something that you can’t even finish?

All of the above problems are not present in paid VPNs. And that’s why you should make the right choice of VPN if you want to successfully change Netflix region. Here are some of the best VPNs that you can use to stream through barriers on restricted content:

Express VPN to Change Netflix Region

This is one of the most advanced VPN technologies right now. It’s ultra-fast and offers 4K UHD streaming for Netflix videos. This is pretty fast for many users and can deliver good content on demand.

For unrestricted viewing, it can change Netflix region to over 90+ countries to your own convenience. Not only do they promise to keep their word in terms of quality, but also offer a guarantee. You can get your money back within 30 days if you feel that there’s a problem with the VPN service and can’t use it.

You can use one single license to make just about 5 connections at the same time. Thus, you and your family, or friends, can watch whatever you want whenever you want it. This VPN also ensures that your privacy details are safe through advanced encryption and security.

Change Netflix Region with Mysterium Network

With Mysterium network, you can change Netflix region and stream content from any part of the world. Besides, the biggest advantage of this VPN service is that, unlike others, you only pay for the minutes that you need it.

Therefore, there are no contracts, locked-in costs, nor subscriptions when using the Mysterium network. You only get to switch it on when you need to use it, and back off once you’re done.

The other advantage of using the Mysterium network is that you can pay using cryptocurrency, which is untraceable. This adds to the advantage of operating privately without anyone’s information of where you are.

Once you download it, you only need to change Netflix region to the location of your choice. Thereafter, you can grab those snacks to binge watch for as long as you like. It has a whopping 600+ providers spread out all over the world.

Change Netflix Region with Cyber Ghost

Yet another brilliant VPN provider that you can use is Cyber Ghost. It offers a great value for money, and it has a 45-day money-back guarantee. You also get live chat customer care support, which you can contact anytime you have a problem.

Cyber ghost is super-fast. And it only takes a quick download and installation to get it up and running. Once you do this, you can change Netflix region and enjoy shows from restricted areas.

Use Surf Shark to Change Netflix Region

This is another impressive tool that you can use to change Netflix region. The number one advantage of this VPN service is the fact that you get an unlimited number of device connections. This is great if you would want to use it with friends and family.

Final Thoughts

In summary, that’s how you change Netflix region and enjoy shows that are not within your borders. Feel free to choose the VPN of your choice. But we strongly advise you to evade free VPNs.

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