Common Personal Injuries

Car accidents can sometimes be fatal, causing death. One moment you may be driving safely in your car, and the next moment you could be fighting for your life in a hospital. Remember, even serious injuries can come from low-speed accidents. You need to seek medical care immediately after the accident, even without visible injuries. This is because delays can worsen your injuries or prolong the healing process. Here is a list from our knowledgeable Waukegan personal injury attorney about common injuries that might need surgery.

  1. Back and Spine Injuries

The impact of the accident can cause back or spine injuries, causing disc rupture or spinal cord damage. With such injuries, you need extensive treatment to avoid being paralyzed. Remember, being paralyzed means you get permanently impaired or limited mobility for the rest of your life. This is why it is always advisable to seek medical help after an accident to check for such life-threatening injuries. You will need to go through surgery to correct injuries on your back or spine.

2. Brain Injuries

Without debate, head or brain surgery require instant medical care. You will require surgery to stop any bleeding, remove pressure in the skull and blood clots. When the brain is injured, you may suffer immobility, cognitive abilities or even die. The surgery helps to stop the swelling and alleviate the pressure. This ensures the brain does not go through further damage.

3. Fractures

Simple fractures can be rectified by putting a cast on the injured part. However, the case is a bit complex with compound fractures. Compound fractures require surgery to put back together with the broken bones and ensure proper healing. The doctor may use plates, rods, or pins to secure the bone. In serious cases, you may need several surgeries to ensure your bones are back in shape. After that, you need months or years before your bones heal completely.

4. Internal Injuries

The reason why you should seek immediate medical attention even without visible injuries or pain could be to ensure you don’t have any injury on your internal organs. Your internal organs like the spleen, liver, lungs, or other vital organs can be crushed or wounded during the accident, causing internal bleeding. Therefore, you may need surgery to repair the organs. However, this depends on the circumstance. You may only need a non-invasive treatment option or extensive surgery.

5. Torn Soft Tissue

Soft tissues heal by themselves. However, you need some time, therapy, and ways to manage the pain. Surgery comes in when you have a torn muscle, ligament, or tendon. You will also need the procedure if you have pain that keeps recurring. The doctor will recommend other treatment options first before opting for surgery.

6. Neck Injuries

Just like your back, you can also suffer injuries on the neck. If the neck lashes violently, the discs may rupture, affecting the spinal cord. The injury can be lethal, and that is why you need immediate surgery.

Get a Waukegan Personal Injury Attorney for Common Personal Injuries

If you think you have suffered severe injuries after a car accident, it is crucial to get a lawyer. The lawyer will help you to get the compensation you deserve. Remember, injuries that require surgery are costly and need a lot of time to heal. Without a lawyer, you may not recover the damages, and the healing process can be challenging.