New Lash Technicians

If you’re just starting to work as a lashmaker, then you might be interested to know about the most common mistakes that almost all beginners make.- New Lash Technicians

Read, practice and improve your skills!

1.Wrong eyelash glue- New Lash Technicians

There may be two problems:

  • Too fast coupling of glue for lashes can lead to incorrect application, not secure fixation, and, as a result, early fall out of lashes.
  • Too slow coupling speed leads to poor fixation, and is also able to provoke an allergic reaction due to the long exposure of adhesive vapors to the skin.

2.Contact with skin

This is probably the worst thing a lashmaker can do. The extensions should be 0.5-0.1 mm away from the skin along the growth line.

As a result of fixation on the skin, hair follicles are blocked, which may lead to bald spots in the growth area or cause allergic reactions.

3.Use of too heavy materials for extensions

Eyelashes have different thicknesses. If you take a thick artificial eyelash and attach it to a very thin natural one, in the future it may weaken and even lead to the fall out of the clients’ eyelashes.

4.Use of very long eyelashes

This paragraph is similar to the previous one. Too long extensions will be too heavy, in the future, this will result in serious damage to natural eyelashes and their inevitable fall off.

Therefore, if the original length of the eyelashes of the clients is 8 mm, the optimal option is to add eyelashes longer by 2-3 mm.

5.Poor or lack of tools disinfection

Did you know that one of the most common risks of irritation and eye allergy is caused by the use of unsterilized instruments?

Always take time to clean your workspace and tools!

In order to make your work even better, efficient and safe, it is important to acquire good materials and tools for extensions: eyelash glue, tweezers, shampoo, cleanser etc.

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