your connection is not private

Whenever you see the “your connection is not private” error message on the screen, there is no compelling reason to a freeze-this problem is very common in the Google Chrome browser client. Nevertheless, solving this problem is easy.

This guide will introduce some strategies to solve this problem and why the association error can occur in any case.

How to fix the “Your connection is not private” error?

Although SSL wills are usually the main culprit behind big mistakes, sometimes it can also be a problem on the customer side. Fortunately, this is a simple question. Here, we have collected eight basic methods to solve the “your association is not private” error.

1. Reload the page

We will start with a simple and straightforward method-if you see a “your association is not private” error message on the screen. The first and least demanding method you can try is basically to rejuvenate the page.

This seems self-evident; in any case, it will probably take care of the work. It may be because the SSL endorsement was reissued, or your program neglected to send the request to the staff.

2. Try not to use public WiFi

Public organizations such as WiFi in taverns or airline terminals are the most widely accepted motivation for customers to make this mistake.

Public organizations usually run on HTTP, so once you perform exchanges through public organizations, your information data will not be encoded. It will appear in text form, and anyone using a similar WiFi organization can get your information while knowing what they are doing.

This is why your program will naturally warn you with the error “Your association is not private”.

3. Clear your browsing data

One technique to try is to erase your perusal information, for example, to treat or store pictures and records.

To clear the program storage in Chrome, follow these steps:

Capture the three spots in the upper right corner and capture the history

Click the “Clear browsing data” option on the left.

Check the box under the “Basic” tab to clear program reservations and hospitality, or go to the “Advanced” tab to select other options.

From the time range drop-down menu, select all times.

After finishing the operation, press Clear Information

4. Use incognito mode

If you don’t want to eliminate the obsolete processing and storage of programs, you can try Chrome’s incognito mode to check if they are causing problems. When using this mode, your plan will not store any information on your PC.

To enter incognito mode, you can click the three DABs in the upper right corner and then click the “New Incognito Window” button. Currently, try to visit the site you want to see.

5. Check the date and time of the computer

This may seem a strange thing, but given that your date and time are not set correctly, a “your association is not private” error may appear. The Internet browser depends on your PC’s date and time settings to check the legitimacy of the SSL statement. Failure to check may cause some problems.

If it is not coordinated, then your statement can have all the illegal features, and it is legal at this time. Ensuring that the date and time settings are set correctly can resolve this issue and associate you with the website.

This is a quick way to check the PC’s date and time settings on both Windows and macOS.


Go to Settings -> Time and Language -> Date and Time.

Naturally enable setting time and setting time zone, just if they are killed, and check whether the refreshed data is correct.

Restart the page you want to visit

Apple system

Go to System Preferences, -> Date and Time.

Make sure the date and time checkboxes are set accordingly.

Under the “Time Zone” tab, check whether the “Set time zone to use the current area alternative method” is also enabled.

Activate your Internet browser to see if the problem is resolved

6. Check your antivirus or Internet security suite

Individual web security projects will prevent strange SSL declarations or associations. To fix the “Your association is not private” message, you need to remove the SSL check highlighting.

If you don’t know where you found it, you can try to disable the antivirus program altogether and then restore the site. If the error message no longer exists, you have found the cause of the problem.

7. make an unsafe connection (unsafe)

If everything else becomes unremarkable, remember that the “your association is not private” error message does not prevent you from visiting the site. In any case, you can take the risk yourself. Tap the Advanced->Continue to execute button at the cannon’s bottom to continue the physical exercise.

8. Completely ignore SSL certificate errors (insecure)

Continuing physical contact with danger will only solve the problem. If you do not need this warning error and trouble you later, it may cause the Internet browser to ignore the SSL declaration error.

Recall that this strategy will only put the warning in quiet mode, in any case, there may be a private association error that prevents you from entering dangerous places.

If you need to continue, this is how to do it on Windows:

Right-click on the Google Chrome browser on the workspace

Capture attributes.

In the “Target” field, add attachments after the quotes:

-Ignore authentication errors

Click OK to save your progress.

If the error code NET:: ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID appears, please click the Continue button to avoid it.

Return to the site, and the error message will disappear.

You can also use Chrome banners to achieve comparable results. This is especially valuable if you try certain operations locally. Enter the attached content in the location bar of Chrome:

From this point onwards, look for the option “Allow invalid endorsements for assets accumulated from the localhost” and select “Disable.”

What is the “Your connection is not private” error?

Most importantly, when this error occurs, don’t worry; it just means that Google Chrome will prevent you from accessing the website in question. When your program finds a problem when establishing an SSL association or fails to check the SSL certificate, the message “Your association is not private” will be displayed.

What is SSL?

Secure socket layer encryption prevents attackers from obtaining private information about customers, such as personal names, addresses, and even MasterCard data. If you are unlikely to communicate through your website, we strongly recommend that you introduce SSL to your website if there is no SSL yet.

When you visit the site, your Internet browser will request the staff for data on the site. If the mentioned site has a small chance of using HTTPS, your program will check for SSL approval. At this point, the authentication will be limited to ensure that it complies with security principles.

If the SSL certificate is not legal, your Internet browser will immediately block you from entering the website. Google Chrome will not display a pure page but will display the error message “Your association is not private” on the screen.

In addition to unattended SSL declarations, there are several reasons why your association may not be private.

SSL statement is terminated. If you are the site owner and this problem occurs to you, even if you are sure that SSL authentication has been introduced, you should check the will’s busy time. These will not last forever and will usually change dynamically throughout the year. After expiration, you need to restore your membership.

SSL recognition is only related to the region, not to the subdomain. There is no problem again and again on the site’s main page, but errors will appear when you visit the subdomain. This is because SSL authentication only has a place in the zone, not its subdomains. Check the type of SSL you buy-the cheapest option is now only in a single area time and time again.

Untrusted associations have given SSL recognition. It is conceivable that there is no need to purchase an SSL certificate. Providing and setting up an SSL certificate for your site is very simple. In any case, most programs only allow SSL approval from the association. If your Internet browser does not perceive the association, the above error may occur along these lines of thought.

End of your connection is not private

When you receive the “Your association is not private” error message in the program, there is no compelling reason to freeze. This article gives eight basic strategies for the most proficient methods to try to determine this problem.

If you have any questions or need to share your thoughts to solve this problem, please don’t waste time leaving a comment below.

FAQ of your connection is not private

How do you solve your connection is not private?

How to fix “your connection is not private” error.
Reload the page.
Do not use public WiFi.
Clear your browsing data.
Use incognito mode.
Check the date and time of the computer.
Check your antivirus or Internet security suite.
Manually make an insecure connection (unsecured)
Ignore SSL certificate errors completely (insecure)

How to fix Net::Err_cert_authority_invalid?

In both cases, there is only one solution to solve the ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID problem in Chrome, and that is to obtain an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority (CA). Getting an SSL certificate from a trusted CA will make browsers (including Chrome) trust your website.

How to fix Net::Err_cert_common_name_invalid?
How to fix NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID error (9 methods)
Verify that your SSL certificate is correct. …
Check for misconfigured redirects. …
Make sure your WordPress address and site address match. …
Determine if your site is using a self-signed SSL certificate. …
Clear your SSL status and browser cache.

How to get rid of privacy errors on Chrome?

How to fix privacy errors in Chrome
Check whether the SSL certificate of the website has expired. …
Reload the page. …
Public WiFi network problems. …
Clear the browser cache and cookies. …
Open the page in incognito mode. …
Check the date and time of the computer. …
Disable antivirus software. …
Enter the website.

Why does Google show that your connection is not private?
The “Your connection is not private” error message is what it looks like. This is a message from the browser to inform you that the connection is not secure. …When your relationship is not safe, it is usually because of an SSL certificate error.

Why is your connection is not private?

Your web browser’s cache and cookies can sometimes cause the “Your connection is not private” Android error. In this way, you can clear the browsing data on your phone. For Chrome, you must visit the browser and go to the menu (3 dots)> Settings> Advanced> Privacy> Clear browsing data.

How to resolve security certificate errors?
Fix “Certificate Error Message” in Internet Explorer
Open Internet Explorer.
Click the tool icon. |Internet options.
Click the Advanced tab.
Under “Security”, deselect the following: Check the issuer’s certificate revocation. Check for server certificate revocation.
Click Apply.
Click OK.
Close and restart Internet Explorer.