Kratom is a tree that gets typically found in South Asia. Its leaves get used for medicinal purposes; now it is getting widely popular as an effective way to cure anxiety and depression. The active ingredient of the kratom leaves is mitragynine. The indicated additive has benefits that help in energizing the body and also leaving sedative effects. Lets see What is kratom and what are the available kratom types?

In some countries, the use of kratom is prohibited. The indicated is because of their policies. Though it is legal in the US it is needed to have regulatory control over the usage and availability of the substance; These restrictions are there exactly to safeguard the young and avoid the over usage of kratom, as it could have some serious life-threatening side effects.

Different types of kratom strains

There are different types of kratom strain available. They have got their names as per the place of their origin. With the different types of kratom comes a different category of effects. Though there is still not a particular research report available- on the consequences of different strains of kratom accessible; the given descriptions are based on the research done to date.

So, the different types of kratom are:

  • Maeng da

The indicated strain of kratom gets originated in Thailand. But it is now available in Indonesia and Malaysia as well. This strain of kratom is believed to have the strongest and long-lasting effect. This strain Maeng Da is accessible in different colors like red, green, or white.

After ingesting these types of kratom, individuals have sensed a feeling of being more energetic. Some have also experienced an increased urge to talk. It helps in inducing the feeling of well-being; the sense of pain gets also reduced.

  • Indo

This form of the strain of kratom comes from Indonesia. The indicated is available in colors like red, green, or white. This strain gets believed to be less exciting than other varieties of kratom. Some may have mild energizing effects but not the strongest.

In simpler terms, the Indo strain of kratom helps treat anxiety. It helps in inducing the feeling of being more relaxed and prosperous.

  • Bali/red vein

This type of strain gets believed to be originated from Indonesia. As the name recommends it is available in red color and is effective in treating and reducing pain. It is effectual mostly in conditions that involve chronic pain.

  • Green Malay

Green Malay gets originated from Malaysia. The color of these types of kratom is dark green. When a low dose is given of this type of kratom, it is believed to provide energy to a person and help in relieving pain. When a high dose, is given, it may have a sedative effect.

This strain of kratom is also helpful in curing anxiety and relaxing the mind.

  • Thai

As the name helps in guessing, this kratom strain is from Thailand. The indicated again comes in colors like red, green, and white. In this type of kratom, the effect varies from color to color. Every color will have some different kind of consequences on the body.

Green and white create an elated high, while red helps in relieving pain.

  • Borneo

Borneo strain of kratom is from the place Borneo itself. When this strain gets compared with other available types of kratom it has more of a tranquilizing effect on the individuals.

This form of strain helps treat anxiety and depression.

  • Malaysian

The aforementioned is one of the most balanced forms of kratom. The indicated gets believed to give a balancing effect of stimulating as well as calming effect. Malaysian kratom is available in red, green, and white colors.

People who used this strain of kratom has reported the effects like mood upliftment and pain relief. It is also handy in treating anxiety and depression effectively as compared to other types of kratom.

Things to remember

There is a risk involved in ingesting kratom. When one is considering taking kratom- it is predominant to know about the risks involved in consuming this.

Though out of all the poisoning reports; that gets reported showcases that there are- mild to moderate unfavorable effects of ingesting kratom. In rare cases, it led to situations like coma or even death. It is a must to know that kratom may react to substances like alcohol; it shouldn’t get combined in any case.

Any person who is below 21 years of age should not ingest any such kind of substance. Their body may not react to the elements, positively; it may lead to life-threatening conditions.

Some of the usually mild symptoms that one might feel are- a constant urge to pee, constipation, excessive talkativeness, frequent mood changes, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, headache, dry mouth, and more such common symptoms.

Some of the chronic side effects of taking kratom include high blood pressure, insomnia, loss of appetite, kidney and liver problems, and a bad memory.

One must consider all the side effects that may occur due to the dosage of kratom. For some people, the risk may overtake the positive impacts of kratom. If someone continues to use kratom and feels something is not right, seek medical attention immediately.