buying car compared with lease

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you might be wondering – should I pay per month and rent the vehicle, or should I pay per month and own the vehicle? We think the latter is best! Let’s see what are the advantages of buying a car compared with a lease.

Should I lease or buy a car? Find out why buying is the better option for you!

If you are considering the question, should I lease or buy a car? Typically buying the vehicle is the best option going forward. Although there are certain scenarios in which leasing a car could save you some money in the short term, buying a car always proves to be the best deal for your money in the long run. Therefore, look into buying a vehicle next time you want to have a new car to get to and from work! 

Own the car at the end

The biggest benefit of buying a car instead of leasing a vehicle is that you will eventually gain ownership of the car. With the leasing process, you will just end up paying money every month that leads to nothing in the long run – you do not end up with any ownership at the end, so the hard-earned money that you are putting towards the monthly “rent” will simply disappear along with your car at the end of the lease term.

However, with buying a car, the money you are putting towards your car every month slowly contributes to YOU eventually becoming the owner! That way, you are actually paying off your car little by little so that you can own the vehicle and avoid having to pay money every month. 

Not only does this mean you will never have to go through the leasing process again and you will not have to buy a car for a very long time, but it means that the money you’re spending on the monthly fees will pay off – and not go to waste.

You can sell the car

The next benefit of buying a car when you are comparing the options of “should I buy or lease a car” is that you can end up selling the car for profit at any time. There is no waiting period and you don’t have to just lose money every month-  instead, you can buy the car and end up selling it for a higher price than you acquired it for. Therefore, you will make a profit in the long run, plus you will have a vehicle while you own the car

Lower insurance premiums

When compared to leasing a vehicle, the insurance premiums are typically much lower if you buy a car. Not only will you be spending less money per month, but you will be able to use the car freely without worrying about issues like financial restrictions or gas mileage concerns. 


If you are debating whether you should buy or lease a car, you need to take into consideration the pros and cons of each method. There are numerous benefits to buying a car that you will find when compared to leasing a vehicle, as you will spend less per month, your insurance is lower, and you will end up owning the vehicle after you have completed your monthly payments.