Boots hold a proud place in fashion, but more importantly than that, they often provide a level of protection and comfort that cannot be found in any other shoe.
Whether you are heading to work and need some protection from any potential safety hazards, or perhaps you are about to embark on a walk that requires some protection from the elements – boots will always steer you right. 

This style of shoe offers many advantages, and you can benefit from choosing them as your go-to shoe no matter what you might be up to!This piece is going to take a look at why that might be, so read on to find out more!

  • Spontaneous Walks Are Not a Problem

Having a bottle of water and the right pair of shoes for a walk are the two basics you need to ensure that you can keep going for as long as you want to. There is nothing worse to an adventurer than being presented with an opportunity to go on a long and exciting walk, only to realize they do not have the correct footwear such as ones that let in water or rub after half an hour. Walking boots are different to regular boots, they will provide much more support than your average sandal or even trainer. Your ankle should be supported well and they should feel comfortable to move in. . Like Stride Wise they  can protect your foot from potentially sharp surfaces and provide extra support to your ankle and foot on uneven ground. 

  • Made for All Weathers 

For those who might not have noticed, the weather is slightly interchangeable at the moment, which can make dressing for the day nothing short of a nightmare. One moment it is boiling hot, and you are having to take off several layers from a particularly chilly morning, only for it to start pouring down with rain and your phone to start beeping with several emergency weather warnings of storms. Most boots will hold up much better in this weather change than other shoes, especially if they are designed to be water resistant. Other shoes that get wet can actually be a hazard, causing you to slip around and damage your ankles. If the weather is hot, it can sometimes feel a little stifling to wear boots but having a convenient option for all weathers could be a price worth paying.

  • Adequate Protection 

Boots are one of those shoes that can offer adequate protection wherever you are and whatever you are up to. They could be the difference between keeping or losing your toes in an accident, an ankle injury, protection from something falling on your foot and even from bugs such as ticks. You can wear your boots anywhere knowing that you have adequate protection whatever you get up to, so there is no need to worry about whether your feet will be safe and comfortable!

  • Ankle Support 

One of the best features of boots is their unmatched ankle and all-round foot support. Many fashion shoes now focus more on style than function meaning that they are uncomfortable or even painful after just a few minutes. Boots are still seen as functional shoes and so there has been less sacrificed for ‘fashion’. 

Ankle support is crucial for both our feet and the rest of our body. Our ankles help support our weight along with all of the connections between the foot up to the hip, which is why it is important they are getting adequate support themselves. 

  • A Fashion Hit 

For those who are fashion conscious, there is no need to worry about sacrificing style over sensibility. Boots have made quite a statement in the past year or two, and chunky, supportive shoes appear to be very “in”. Not only does this mean you can get your hands on some quality classics such as CAT boots, but there are also plenty of other options that can take your fancy for the days where you might want a different look!


Boots are not only a great addition to your wardrobe, but also make an excellent choice as your go-to pair of shoes. They should be supportive, which can help your overall body and posture, they can be water and weather resistant, so you are prepared for whatever the weather throws at you, and they also offer protection for whenever you might need it – even when you expect it the least!

For those that love walking, a good pair of boots will never go a miss, as you will always be ready for an adventure without having to sacrifice distance. If you do want to mix things up, boots are very fashion friendly at the moment, which means there are plenty of styles to choose from so you can keep the benefits while switching up your look.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should choose a pair of boots to be your go-to shoe – you won’t regret it!