1st Time Moms

No doubt! Being pregnant is a special time in a woman’s life. It’s stressful but there’s the excitement of meeting that little one you’ve been dreaming of. But let’s be honest. There’s a lot that threatens to rob you of your joy, right? From body aches to morning sickness, it’s a lot to handle. Being mentally prepared is half the battle won, so here are things no one ever tells a pregnant woman beforehand.- 1st Time Moms

Many Therapies are Perfectly Safe

Your midwife or doctor rightfully told you that you shouldn’t go for just any beauty treatment. Something as simple as the wrong massage can spark premature labour. But there are many treatments lime pregnancy acupuncture Melbourne and other major cities provide that can do you the world of good. 

Done correctly, acupuncture can help you feel rejuvenated. Yes! That fatigue and morning sickness you feel can be less debilitating. And a massage by the right professional – tailored to your body’s needs and using the right oils – can go a long way to soothing your body. 

It’s simply about picking the right professionals and treatments!

You Need to Prepare Mentally

First time moms, you’re about to embark on an adventure like never before. Having a little one take over your world means a lot of changes and many moms are overwhelmed. If you have too many naive or faulty expectations it may be even worse than it has to be. 

Preparing yourself mentally can help.- 1st Time Moms

Attending prenatal classes goes a long way to helping prepare but you will be inundated with information. So, write down summaries and review the information as the birth draws closer.

For example, details about what you can expect once contractions start can make everything seem less overwhelming. Also, watch videos about different breastfeeding methods. And watch it again and again because you’ll be surprised at how much some women forget in the excitement of having a new life in their hands. 

By no means tire yourself out with ‘studying’. But with so much information available to watch online, it can be effortless to keep yourself informed and prepared for what’s coming. 

Fears are Often Misplaced- 1st Time Moms

With that being said, you actually shouldn’t be apprehensive about everything that’s about to happen to you – and your body. 

Many women’s perception of a birth is based on movies or their moms’ stories. But movies are unrealistic and the healthcare industry is much different than a generation ago. 

What are things you worry about? The pain of taking out stitches after a C section? Having a catheter? The pain of the birth?

For the record, some women report birth pains as not being that much worse than menstrual cramps. You could be one of them. And medical procedures are becoming less invasive all the time, with healthcare workers doing their utmost to limit patients’ discomfort. 

So, rather than worrying about events you have no control over, rather have faith in the healthcare team – and your body – and relax. After all, women have been doing this for centuries. 

You Don’t Need All the Things

Something you can rather focus on is the joyous task of readying the nursery. But here as well movies and marketing may have taught you something that’s not true. 

Guess what! All the ‘stuff’ you see at the baby store is NOT necessary. And even if some of it makes life much easier, it doesn’t mean you have to buy it and spend money you can rather save towards the child’s education. 

Many items found in the average nursery you’ll use for a few months and then never again – unless you have another baby perhaps. This includes basic items like a baby’s bathtub and the changing mat. Soon he or she will be so mobile you’ll realise it’s much easier taking them into the shower with you and changing the diaper on the floor where they can crawl away without hurting themselves. 

So why buy these items new? In your network if friends or a secondhand store you’ll find baby items that are still in excellent condition. 

After all, don’t you want to teach your child about sustainable living?

You Don’t Have to Do Everything Right from the Start

Lastly, another thing you may stress about is getting parenting right. No. Perfect.

  • Will you breastfeed correctly?
  • Will the diaper be too tight?
  • How will you introduce solids into the diet?
  • What if the baby doesn’t stop crying?

Rather than having mommy guilt get the better of you, realise that your baby simply wants your love. Many of the day’s details aren’t important to him or her. You’re allowed to practice and figure out what works for you. Perhaps it will only be the fourth or fifth breastfeeding position that offers you and baby comfort. And that’s what life with a little one is.


Endless discoveries. Each day is unique. And you’ll learn about them – and yourself. 

Do you have tips for other parents? Please share with us!