Being outside in nature can be soothing to the soul and healing for the mind and outdoor body. There is something magical about connecting with the natural world. Unsurprisingly, science supports the idea that time in nature is beneficial for physical, emotional, and even social health. Read on for a short sampling of the many advantages that can come from spending quality time with Mother Nature.

Expands Your World View

Nature can be a great reminder of humankind’s connection to the earth. It can be hard to remember in the modern world that humans are animals and have a natural place in the world’s ecosystem. Camping can be an excellent way to travel because it isn’t cost-prohibitive and it can open up unique experiences. With the right camping gear Canada natives may find themselves traversing all kinds of terrain and meeting people (and animals) they may have never encountered otherwise.

Supports Your Physical Health

More time outside has been shown to improve the outcomes of patients recovering from surgeries, helping them experience fewer medical complications and shorter stays in the hospital. Retired folks who enjoy outdoor environments tend to have fewer aches and pains as they age compared to their peers. Time in nature can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and help with balancing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

Increases Your Outdoor Creativity

Creative people tend to spend more time outside. Nature can be a powerfully inspirational muse to any aspiring painter, musician, inventor, or writer. Even scientists and researchers have reported having a burst of ideas come to them when taking quiet time outside in a natural setting. The peace of a pond, the majesty of a mountainside, or the wonder of woodland can excite the senses and stir the spirit to creative action. Need the motivation to practice your guitar skills? Looking for the inspiration to break that writer’s block? Experiencing a setback in your research project? Lace-up your tennis shoes and visit a local park or hiking spot to reconnect with the universe and relight your spark.

Even though people live inside (usually!) and often work and play inside as well, most everyone can benefit from increasing the amount of their day spent outside in nature. A wild, organic setting can remind you of your inherent wildness and freedom. It can inspire you, reduce your stress, and reconnect you with yourself and the world around you. Time taken outside in nature can be an investment well worth making.

By asktohow

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