It’s easy to suddenly notice a new program on your computer and wonder whether it’s malware or not. Many Windows users are suddenly noticing the presence of OneLaunch. It’s leading many people to wonder if it’s worth keeping on the computer or if it should be deleted.

OneLaunch is a legitimate program, and there are a number of reasons why you should not only keep it on your computer but use it.

How Did OneLaunch Get on My Computer?

You might be wondering how OneLaunch got on your computer. The first and most obvious is that you did a direct download from the Microsoft website and simply forgot about it.

The second is that it was bundled with a software bundle or download. The third is that it was installed when you decided to make the upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

Regardless of how the program ended up on your computer, it is completely safe. You might as well keep it on your computer because it is capable of doing so much for your online experience.

What is OneLaunch

OneLaunch is completely free. It is a customizable dock that sits on your desktop. When you want to search the web, shop, or even work online, you can work within OneLaunch. It’s all designed to simplify your time on the internet. The tool will launch the specific website that you need so that you don’t have to waste time browsing the various search engine result pages.

The app is capable of customizing your dock so that you have the information you want at your fingertips. Simply by taking the time to customize everything, you can have quick access to all sorts of things:

  • Weather
  • News
  • Bookmarks

The app also uses Chromium, which is the same open-source project that was used to create Chrome. It helps you access the internet faster.

While a search bar can launch you from the desktop to the internet quickly, too, the idea behind OneLaunch is that it is faster and more streamlined. It’s all customized to give you what you want in fewer clicks.

Top Features of OneLaunch

As it’s been said, OneLaunch is something that you can fully customize. Various widgets can even be added by going into the Windows store. It allows you to choose the tools that you use the most so that they are right there on your desktop instead of having to open multiple programs or perform multiple online searches.

The most exciting features include:

Snippet tool. You can take a quick screenshot of specific information on the internet so that it can be sent to someone. It performs multiple tasks at once.

Bookmarks. Have all of your favorite websites right in front of you. There’s even the option of organizing the bookmarks into individual folders.

News. Get the news that is important to you right on your desktop. When you see a story of interest, click and you’ll be taken right to it.

Weather. Instead of having to open a website to learn about the weather, it can be readily available on your desktop, featuring everything from the temperature to humidity levels.

Clipboard. Clip various sites, images, and links onto your clipboard so that they are at your fingertips. It can make it easier for you to multi-task.

While there are so many programs that seem to magically appear on your computer, it’s important to know what they do. Before you delete everything that seems foreign, take the time to explore the features of OneLaunch. You may decide that this is one app that you truly can’t live without.

By Sambit