Mental Health in Philippines

Did you know that the prevalence of mental issues in the Philippines is between 11.3% and 11.6%, and the range keeps increasing with an average of 2% annually?  Moreover, from 1990 to 2019, the number of people diagnosed with mental illness has increased from 7 million to 12.5 million in the country.

Only 5% of the healthcare budget was historically for mentally distressed Filipinos. With such an increase in cases, the government is active and has increased its finances twenty-fold between 2022 and 2023. Besides, many online platforms are also working to help Filipinos. One such program is BetterHelp Philippines.

What is BetterHelp?

Have you ever heard of virtual counseling or ever experienced one? If not, you need to learn about BetterHelp! BetterHelp is an online counseling platform that connects Philippians to top-notch counselors and therapists. All the counselors are from the USA, are licensed, and have many years of experience. Besides, you have 24/7 access to them and can schedule meetings either on video call or audio calls according to your choice. You also have the option of online chatting with the expert.

The biggest perk of BetterHelp Philippines is that you can make appointments from anywhere in the Philippines with your smartphone. Your remote location is no longer an issue now!

What Are The Mental Health Issues In The Philippines And BetterHelp’s Role?

The research was conducted in 2020 on Filipinos mental health, and it showed the following results:

  • Mental illness is the third most common issue in the Philippines.
  • Roughly around 6 million Filipinos are living with depression and anxiety.
  • Depression and anxiety are the most prevalent issues in the Philippines in contemporary times.

To deal with these growing issues, BetterHelp Philippines is the best option. The platform helps people by:

  • Charging reasonably
  • Giving scholarships and financial aid to those who can’t afford the services
  • Allowing them to change therapists if they aren’t comfortable with the current one.
  • Providing them 24/7 access to the therapists
  • Providing them with counseling sessions

The additional perk of opting for BetterHelp Philippines is that you don’t have to travel long distances to meet your therapist. You can take the sessions from the comfort of your home more effectively.

How Can I Use BetterHelp Philippines?

To get started on the platform, you have to register first. For that, follow these steps:

Step# 1 Visit the platform’s official website, i.e.,

Step# 2 On the top right corner, hit the “Get Started” button.

Step# 3 Choose the therapy category from the options and answer the questions.

Step# 4 Next, choose the therapist from the available options.

Step# 5 Enter your card number, pay the service charges, and start taking the sessions

You only need to remember the time difference between the Philippines and the USA, as the former is 13 to 16 hours ahead of America.

How Much Does BetterHelp Cost In The Philippines?

You have to consider a few factors when it comes to the cost. For instance,

  • Your location
  • Preferences
  • The problem or the issue
  • Availability of the counselor

Generally, the cost ranged between PHP 2,850 to PHP 7,800 for each session. On the other hand, physical sessions are more expensive.

How Can I Get Therapy in Philippines?

To get the mental therapy, first, you must be clear about going for a face-to-face or online counseling session. For the former, search for a reliable and credible professional counselor. Visit them and observe the environment and the experts. If it feels comfortable, give it a go.

But if you are a couch potato and want to avoid the traffic and people knowing about your mental state, BetterHelp is the right choice.


Anxiety and depression are the most prevailing mental issues in Philippians. Every year, the number of individuals diagnosed with such illnesses is increasing. Though the government is working to reduce the numbers, BetterHelp Philippines is also vital in helping the people through online counseling sessions. For those wanting therapy confidentially and in the comfort of home, BetterHelp is the right pick for them.


By sweety