Ludo Tricks

Ludo ranks as one of the simplest board games, yet it is known for its rising popularity worldwide. Often considered a game of luck, Ludo is hardly encapsulated in that tiny bubble but explodes into numerous possibilities that the player can explore while engaged in a very intense match on the internet. Over the years, players have erupted across the globe with professional skills in the game that rightly makes them true patrons of it.- Ludo Tricks 

The emergence of the game in the online section has also made it more noticeable and given it prominence in the global sector. As of today, players can play Ludo online and earn money by winning against rivals with games set under a selected period of time.

In the list below, we have curated some neat tips and tricks that are bound to jet you ahead of others in the world of offline and online Ludo.

Be Patient With Moving Your Pieces- Ludo Tricks 

The game rules are straightforward, and it is easy for the player to remember them. In such a scenario, all the player has to do is concentrate and choose to take time and make correct moves that edge him towards the winning goal in the game. Ludo is not always about rushing with the pieces to the final winning grid. It involves calculative thinking and calmness to deal with specific crucial numbers. The goal is to play the dice, analyze your choices and then choose the best one that helps your situation. The key is to remain patient to perform  effectively and outplay your opponent, who will be confused by your meditated and calm moves.

Unlock All Tokens- Ludo Tricks 

The game begins with each player being provided four tokens to play the game. A common mistake observed is that certain players choose to play all their turns on one token only to focus on the rest when one is way ahead in the game. This style of play is wrong, and sooner or later, it is bound to fire back on the player and make him suffer in the match. It is never wise to place all your rounds in one or two tokens. The best strategy to counter your opponents and aim for the win is to open all tokens from your quadrant and set them into movement. With all pieces in motion, you will have more creative ways to use your dice numbers and can set up a calculated way to progress. Your turns will not be wasted on thinking, and with more options, you can build support behind your most advancing piece in the match.

Keep an Attacking Mindset

The player must consider Ludo a free game of constant progress and setbacks. After spending a lot of time progressing a piece, a foul play from your end could immediately set you back and force you to begin your game which can be quite frustrating. This unavoidable circumstance is bound to happen to you regardless of what player you are. Therefore, you should commit to an altogether attacking mentality where you should show no form of pity towards the opponent. All chances of attack should be exploited and risks taken with absolute confidence. The trick is to be downright aggressive when your pieces are near your first quadrant, and they come under danger in the later rounds, where the primary objective becomes flight rather than fight. It is best to slow down and be a calculative attacker in your last quadrant of the game. Here, you are close to winning and therefore, you do not need to be so aggressive with your playing unless it is necessary.

Use Blocking Often

Blocking is a strategy that is especially useful when there are more pieces in the game and players have been able to unlock a maximum number of their tokens. Blocking is an essential strategy that all must know if they want to make their Ludo playing better and more efficient in high octane rounds with seasoned players. If you successfully block players’ tokens, you can capture the opponent’s pieces mid-game and set them behind. You have to safely put one of your pieces or a couple close to your quadrant or a block ahead so that when the player relaunches their token, they are afraid to cross your blocked area and would need more support from the rest of the pieces or take the risk of chance. During such stages, the players get confused and use most of their rounds in moving ahead of their first piece, incapable of proceeding with the one left behind. This strategy is a sure shot method of challenging your opponent and keeping them grounded by closely observing their moves.

Final Thoughts

Ludo is not that difficult of a game, and you can quickly learn its ways after a few hours of intense playing. It is essential to go through every rule in detail before playing the game with other rivals to be under no sort of disillusion regarding the gameplay. This study and constant improvement over your style will give you the perfect idea of when to use what strategy in the game to win over the other opponents successfully. Blocking, attacking and keeping calm are vital aspects that help you grab the top spot in Ludo.