Bert Kreischer is a well-known American comedian, producer, podcaster, and actor, is eminent in front of his fans for his fascinating onstage performance. He is also known as “THE MACHINE”. Bert Kreischer’s fascinating performances have put an impressive result over his impressive net worth. If you want to know how much this versatile personality is earning, then you are on the right track. We will not only discover Bert Kreischer net worth in this article but also tell you more about his multiple income sources, early life, career, and many other things.

Full Name Albert Charles Kreischer Jr.
Real Name Bert Kreischer
Age 50 Years
Birthplace St. Petersburg Florida
Date of Birth 03-Nov-1972
Net Worth $ 14 Million
Profession American Actor, Podcaster, Comedian, Producer
Life Partner Leeann Kreischer

 How Much Is Bert Kreischer Net Worth?

In 2023, Bert Kreischer net worth is estimated to be $14 million, Which indicates his total wealth at around $20 million. There are lots of income sources for him that help him to generate his huge net worth including Stand-up gigs, hosting, television shows, writing and producing, etc. Bert Kreischer’s current net worth clearly shows that he is a successful creator.

How Was Bert’s Early Life?

Bert’s Kreischer was born on November 3, 1972, in Tampa, Florida (USA). His father, Al, was a real state attorney and his mother’s name was George. Bert studied at Jesuit High School and did his major in English at Florida State University. Bert Kreischer’s name was introduced in the article “Rolling Stone” in 1997. This article of Rolling Stone caught the glance of director Oliver Stone who proposed the film rights to Bert’s life. This is how Bert entered the world of entertainment.

A Career That Build Bert Kreischer Net Worth

Bert performed his 1st stand-up comedy show at Tallahassee bar, potbelly.  Bert found a job at Greenwich Village’s Boston Comedy Club. Later, after a couple of months, he switched to NYC, where he was offered by the production company of Will Smith. He played a small role in the film, named, “Prepare to Meet the god” in 2001 and then in “Life with David J”. He worked on many DVDs and movies including “National Lampoon Life: New Faces- volume 2”, “The Shield”, and “and Alpha Mail”. He started hosting Travel channel series including “Bert the Conqueror”, “Rachael Ray”, and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” from 2011 to 2015.

Bert Kreischer Net Worth Over The Years

Net Worth in 2018 $5 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $6 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $7 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $9 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $10 Million
Net Worth in 2023 $14 Million

 Bert Kreischer Numerous Source of Income

Bert Kreischer earned a lot of money from his various sources of income. His current net worth is a testament to his true dedication to his work along with the multiple income sources as well. His diversified talent and skills help him to diversify his income sources. Various sources of his income include making money from the payments he receives from his performances and attending T.V. shows. The Cabin with Bert Kreischer, Comfortably Dumb, and This is Not Happening are his most famous shows. Also, he produces some shows and series as well. His live comedy performances, stage shows, and endorsement are some other factors that increase his income.

Bert Kreischer: Real Estate Investor

In 2010, Bert Kreischer invested a major part of his wealth in real estate. Bert and his wife Leeann both purchased a home of cost $529000 in the La suburb of Valley Village, California. When they purchased it was a relatively 1400 sq. foot home, later they did a renovation of it. In 2014, he bought a modern farmhouse for $1.7 million in Woodland Hill California. Later in 2017, they purchased a villa-style home of cost around $3.85 million in Los Angeles, California. The value of this real estate property automatically increases with time which indirectly has a positive impact on the net worth of Bert Kreischer.

Bert Kreischer: Luxurious Car Collection

Bert has a high interest in buying an expensive and luxurious car. He has bought luxurious cars including Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Lamborghini Murcielago, and McLaren 600LT having cost around $250,000, $230,000, and $260,000 respectively. Bert’s car collection shows his passion for speed, comfort, and luxury.

Endorsements & Brand Associations

Bert has started working as a prolific podcaster in recent years to improve his wealth. He has done various brand partnerships & endorsements. He has collaborated with many well-known brands and companies. His fan following and popularity helped him to get many endorsement opportunities. Even he has worked with top companies like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Warner Bros.

Appearances of Bert Kreischer

His appearances in films and television include some successful creations like “The Hangover Part 2” and “Hurt Bert”. Bert Kreischer began his Netflix journey with “Secret Time” (2018) and “Hey Big Boy”. Later he made his series named “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer” where he highlighted his journey of self-discovery while inviting his comedian friends along. He has shown his appearance as a guest on various popular podcasts like “WTF with Marc Maron”, and “The Joe Rogan Experience”, which were created a distinct identity in the world of podcasts.

Personal Life of Bert Kreischer

In December 2003, Bert started his married life with his wife- Leeann. They both have two daughters named Georgia and Ila born in 2004 and 2006 respectively. The whole family stayed in Los Angeles. Leeann hosts the podcast “Wife of a Party” from Bert Man Crave. In an interview, he also revealed that he grew up catholic and he is ten times more catholic than anyone else in his family.

Know Bert’s Controversial Side

Bert’s jokes had made a few groups of people feel offensive. These jokes were regarding the sensitive topics including gender, race, mental health, etc. Bert often faces small social media fights just like any other celebrity. Some of his controversial comments on social media platforms like Twitter kept him in the middle of big debate. In a stand-up comedy, he talked about his involvement in the Russian mafia during his college trip to Russia.


How much money has Bert Kreischer made?

According to celebrity net worth, Bert had made $3 million till 2020. Now in 2023, he has made $14 million.

What are the fees Bert charges for a single show?

He charges between $75000 – $150000 per live event.


In the field of entertainment industries, Bert has made a successful career. In September 2021, Bert Kreischer Net Worth was found to be around $9 million which automatically fluctuates over some time due to his endorsement opportunities, comedy shows, show production, and many others. These sources of income contribute to improving Bert Kreischer’s net worth. Among the field of comedians, Bert’s net worth indirectly indicates his financial success in his career.

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