Winterize Your Jeep

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As 2023 approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll prepare your Jeep for winter. Most Jeeps are suited to tough off-road conditions, and that means that they can withstand some intense conditions — but it’s still important to protect your vehicle from the harsh weather that comes with winter. Failure to winterize your Jeep could cause it to sustain damage, and this damage can be costly to repair. The following tips will help you get ready for snow, sleet, or whatever other weather you might encounter this winter.

Increase Suspension for Snow

One of the greatest advantages of Jeeps is the increased ground clearance that they offer. Most Jeeps have about two inches more clearance than other vehicles, which makes them uniquely equipped to drive on tough terrain. This is particularly important if you live in an area where you might get a few inches of snow. Other cars won’t be able to handle the challenge, but your Jeep can traverse a snowy road with no problem — especially if you invest in an upgraded Jeep lift kit.

A lift kit can improve your Jeep’s performance in winter weather because it further increases its ground clearance. This additional space between the ground and your Jeep’s undercarriage can minimize the chance that you’ll get stuck in the snow. It can also improve your ability to clear obstacles such as branches, rocks, or piles of snow that may be in the road. This ultimately makes your Jeep safer to drive in winter.

Ground clearance isn’t the only element that a lift kit can improve. You can also adjust the overall stiffness of your suspension with a lift kit, which can also be beneficial in snowy conditions. It’s important to account for the loss of traction that ice and snow can cause. When you adjust your suspension to be softer, it’s less likely to slide when rounding corners and making turns.

Protection From Fallen Debris

Winter can cause an array of road hazards to emerge. When snow falls, it can gather on branches and impose so much weight that the branch breaks off and falls. When branches, snow, and other obstacles litter the road, it’s more important than ever to invest in accessories that provide protection. One of these accessories — and one of the coolest Jeep mods you can buy — is upgraded Jeep bumpers.

Most Jeeps roll off the factory floor with a standard aluminum bumper, but in hazardous and snowy conditions, an upgrade is better equipped to handle the challenge. A tubular bumper, for example, offers a simple design with impressive protection. Two tubes enclose the front of your Jeep’s grill so that any obstacles in the road are easily pushed aside. This shields your vehicle from any cosmetic damage that could occur, and it minimizes the opportunity for accidents that could be caused by such obstacles.

Get your Jeep ready for winter by investing in the best upgrades and modifications. Find everything you need from the top Jeep aftermarket retailer.

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