Every one of us tells lies at some point in time. However, deception in some form is relatively more severe in a few romantic relationships. In this situation, you must communicate with a behavioral analysis interrogator or relationships. expert to identify how to tell if your partner lies about cheating on you.

Faulty Partner Often Avoids Eye Contact

If your partner looks at another place or avoids eye contact while you ask or talk about infidelity, it indicates a lie. People usually avoid eye contact when they lie, as they fear that the other person may identify the truth in their eyes. They may behave normally but will not talk by looking at you even when you ask them to do so.

Show Defensive Behavior

If you are finding answers to how to tell if your partner lies about cheating from a relationship expert, you should know that a lying partner usually shows defensive behavior. In some cases, your partner may overreact or reply harshly even when you ask a simple question. In some cases, unfaithful partners may project their feelings and emotions on you or may accuse you to be a liar.

Aggressive Eye Contact

Even though avoiding eye contact is a common sign of cheating partners, aggressive eye contact also indicates their lies. In this situation, the person knows that avoiding eye contact will let you identify the truth in no time. Hence, the faulty partner tries to look at you continuously. If your partner looks at you without blinking their eyes, it may be a red flag related to infidelity.

Sudden Changes in the Behavior

When a partner shows more care for you suddenly, he or she may lie about cheating. Moreover, your partner may try to compensate for committing the guilt. When you ask about their sudden behavioral changes, they may become defensive or may deny your concern downright.

Sudden Changes in Habits

Many behavioral analysts involved in finding out how to tell if your partner lies about cheating also recommended focusing on sudden changes in habits to identify infidelity. People possess certain habits and they usually keep them unchanged. If individuals pick any new habit or drop a few old ones, it may be because they lie about infidelity. For instance, cheated partners may stop tobacco smoking suddenly and may start exercising or take a membership in a nearby gym. In simple words, they intend to impress their new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Communicate Differently

Does your partner start to talk in a low or high pitch, slower or faster tone than regular? They may resort to frequent clearing of throats or coughing to cover their awkward feelings. In some cases, cheaters and liars may evade and give vague answers, like they do not have any idea of it. In simple words, unwelcomed gestures may indicate lies.

Often Follow a Busy Schedule 

An abrupt change in the regular schedule may be a way related to cheating or infidelity of your partner. For instance, if your partner usually comes late at home or avoids answering your calls, they may lie about cheating. Moreover, your partner may avoid taking calls in front of you.

Show Somewhat Different Body Language

Make sure to pay close attention to the body language of your partner while asking about cheating. Whenever faulty partners lie, they lean away and keep body closed. It indicates that they are unwilling to answer your questions or give suggestions.

Hesitation and Thinking Too Much

Normal persons often start talking immediately whenever you ask any question. However, a liar often hesitates and thinks a lot before giving answers to your questions. Indeed, you get a sound clue associated with how to tell if your partner lies about cheating.

Share Vague Staff on Social Media Platforms

Cheating partners usually pay attention to whatever goes on over the internet. They put in several efforts to avoid uploading any incriminating messages or pictures. However, they may slip and post photos/videos out of their emotions. If your partner says he has the night shift but shares a photo of a beer you must stay cautious.


Overall, noticing changes in the behavior of your partner is the key to tell or identify whether he/she lies about cheating. Therefore, stay aware with behavioural patterns and deal with your marital relations tactfully.

By Swati